Sirf Tum 22 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi conversing with Suhani. She says Suhani ought to in any case really reconsider taking confirmation in an alternate school as there won’t be any thinking back on the off chance that she moves further. Dadi says she upholds Suhani’s choice and she will arrive at levels and make progress in her life however what might be said about the torment in her heart? She actually adores Ranveer so she ought to contemplate figuring out her issues with him. Suhani winds up in predicament and Dadi says additional opportunity is great however in the event of relations there ought not be distance for long else she can’t get back what she will lose. Suhani and Dadi return to rest.

Following day Suhani goes to the RN clinical school with every one of the archives and move endorsement. She advises the peon to give it to the Dean. The understudies out there ask Suhani for what reason she needs to take move from such an eminent and renowned school like Graphic Era. Those young ladies say that they couldn’t take affirmation there because of bad grades yet Suhani is changing the school that is extraordinary. Suhani goes to Dean’s lodge and the last option says its bizarre that a splendid understudy like her needs to take move from a presumed school. In any case, there should be an individual explanation. He adds he supported it and he gives her a structure for confirmation. He says whenever its done she can’t take move once more. She can’t alter her perspective in the wake of presenting the structure so she ought to think prior to topping it off. Suhani reviews Dadi’s words that on the off chance that she takes a ultimate choice, that can isolate her and Ranveer until the end of time. Suhani leaves.

Suhani returns back home and Sudha gets some information about the new school and its offices. Suhani says she will make nourishment for them. Dadi advises Suhani to address Sudha’s inquiries. Is the school great as far as review and rank and so forth. Suhani says however it holds lower rank than Graphic Era yet she is atleast away from those terrible recollections in her past school. She will end up being a decent specialist and will drop as a brilliant understudy to build the position of this school. Suhani holds the structure and gets into thinking. Her modify inner self shows up and requests that she take a shrewd choice.

As she probably is aware that too she will return to Ranveer assuming that he expresses sorry to her. In any case, how might he contact her as she changed her location and broke the sim cards as well. Suhani says she would rather not sit tight for him. Her adjust self image tells her that she isn’t proud then she ought to return to her past way of life and after Ranveer’s conciliatory sentiment she ought to begin anew with him. Suhani isn’t persuaded by that.

Following day Suhani is prepared to leave for school and Sudha plays out her aarti. Sudha lets Dadi know that she is stressed for Suhani to which Dadi says Suhani looks decided this time. Suhani gets inside a taxi and advises the driver to go to RN clinical school. One lady comes before the vehicle by covering her face with her hair. Suhani gets confounded and emerges from the vehicle. The lady uncovers her face who is noone however Honey.

Honey focuses weapon at Suhani and says she returned to get payback from her Devrani. Suhani is stunned to see her. Honey cautions the driver not to outmaneuver her. She says she is getting rebuffed for one homicide so she couldn’t care less assuming she kills two more. She advises Suhani to sit inside the vehicle quietly with her. Honey requests that the driver go to a location. Suhani asks her how she emerged from prison? Honey says Judge allowed her three days of opportunity for her better half’s burial service.

Along these lines, she came to meet Suhani. Suhani asks her how Honey got to realize she is in Rampur. Honey says Ranveer sent her here to get his payback from Suhani. Honey says she truly appreciates watching Suhani and Ranveer’s battle. Suhani supposes in the event that Ranveer knows where she is, the reason he didn’t come to her and sent Honey all things considered. Honey ties up Suhani with rope and fixes a pot of hot oil over her. The oil trickles and it falls on Suhani’s head. Suhani shouts in torment.

Honey asks her did she like tormenting her? It’s proposed by Ranveer and Honey says Suhani will always remember this misery. Suhani yells she can’t completely accept that Ranveer can stoop this low. She confides in him. Honey gets Ranveer’s call and shows it to Suhani. Suhani says why he is calling you? Honey answers to hear your shout. She gets the call and Suhani flies off the handle at him saying she never envisioned he would do this to her! Retribution is so significant for him that he crossed his line. She will rebuff him soon. Honey switches off the speaker and converses with Ranveer. Ranveer tells Honey that she or Suhani can’t create problems to him.