Sirf Tum 26 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Suhani and Aditya arriving at the test corridor recently. Suhani apologizes to the teacher for being late and they sit. Teacher poses inquiries to the understudies and they can’t offer appropriate response so he lashes out at them. Suhani offers right response to him and that’s what he loves. Aditya gazes at Suhani and he gets chastened by the teacher. Suhani leaves by taxi and Aditya sees her with a grinning face. She feels odd. Sudha shaves Rakesh’s facial hair and Aditya assists him with strolling like previously. Suhani’s family get glad to see that.

Following day Professor shows the understudies human organs and it helps Suhani to remember Ranveer. She looks lost and after the class Aditya inquires as to whether something is annoying her. He can comprehend that and she is allowed to impart everything to him. He will be there to pay attention to her generally. He welcomes look favorably upon her face.

Suhani gets back home with a miserable face and Sudha gets some information about her outcome. Suhani says she got the fifth position and she tried sincerely yet she was unable to top the test. Dadi gets cheerful saying in this present circumstance too she scored well and that ought to be valued. Rakesh says she will be the clincher in sometime later, he says when he couldn’t talk he sympathized with Suhani’s aggravation so presently he needs to know whats happening in her mind. Suhani lets him know that Ranveer is annoying her ordinary. His cruel words, his misconduct everything isn’t letting her continue on. She can’t focus on her investigations because of that explanation. She has no clue about how to move past him. She cries and Rakesh embraces her. He puts the past simcard in his telephone. Suhani asks him for what valid reason he is getting it done.

Rakesh answers Suhani ought to vent out her disappointment on Ranveer as it’s about time she shouldn’t stifle it any longer. Ranveer accepts his call and Rakesh says Suhani needs to converse with him, Ranveer answers nothing remains to be talked. Rakesh expresses in view of him Suhani can’t concentrate as expected. She can’t zero in on her tests. Ranveer says she isn’t anything without his assistance. She bested the test in Graphic Era since he helped her. Suhani cuts the call saying Ranveer has an excess of pride that he believes he leaned toward her. Yet, presently she will demonstrate she can be the clincher without his assistance as well. She will show him his genuine spot.

Mamta holds Ranveer’s primary care physician’s jacket and gets profound reasoning how he contended with Suhani and went out. She goes to the sanctuary and whines why Ranveer is obliterating his profession when he is presently a specialist. She commitments to not light Diya before God until Ranveer returns home. She goes higher up however unexpectedly slips from that point. Her back gets injured and different individuals come to her. They make her lay on lounge chair. Vikrant says he will call the emergency vehicle however Mamta says she won’t allow anybody to treat her if Ranveer doesnt return. Samaira illuminates Ranveer about it and Mamta additionally advises Ranveer to take her to the clinic else she will bear the aggravation and will not go for treatment.

Suhani prepares to take lift from Aditya and sits on his bicycle. Aditya gets blissful and requests that she keep hand on his shoulder assuming she feels terrified. Mamta acquires conciousness in the clinic and asks her family for what good reason they broke her promise and took her to the emergency clinic. She would rather not get better without seeing her child. She needs Ranveer back. Vikrant quiets her down saying Ranveer just took her present time and place he is conversing with the specialist. He opens the entryway and shows Ranveer to Mamta. Mamta feels loose and says it’s great that he came for her. Vikrant says now they will return home with Ranveer.