Sirf Tum 28 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Suhani takes it from her and Ranvijay says he does what he needs. He advises Suhani to eat the first nibble as he feels somebody in quite a while house needs to kill him. They could blend poison in his food.

Suhani advises him to eat without pitching fits. Ranvijay says he will not on the off chance that Suhani doesn’t eat the main chomp. Suhani thinks she saved quick for Teej how might she eat. She denies, he at last eats it and afterward Aditya treats Suhani’s injury saying for what reason is she engaging in Ranvijay’s matter. Suhani says she needs to treat Ranvijay first, for that she is paying attention to him by giving him custom made food. Ranvijay’s vitals begin dropping and Suhani and Aditya get stressed.

They call the specialist and the specialist actually takes a look at Ranvijay. He says why Suhani gave custom made food to Ranvijay and disrupted the norms. The food was harmed and presently in the event that anything happens to Ranvijay, his rich dad won’t extra her. Ranvijay brings a cot out and says Suhani faced a major challenge. Ranvijay’s hooligans look for Suhani to hurt her. Aditya converses with them and provides them wrong guidance. Suhani is lying on the cot and she stows away from the hooligans. In flashback Dean says Ranvijay’s men won’t leave Suhani now.

Suhani says she didn’t perpetrate a wrongdoing, as she gave the food which was sent by Ranvijay’s loved ones. She had no clue it was toxic. Dignitary gets Ranvijay’s dad’s call who gets some information about Suhani to him. After some time Dean cautions Suhani to conceal some place from Ranvijay’s men. As they are viewing as her. Aditya advises Suhani to lie on the strecher for security. That’s what she does and leaves with Aditya. Flashback closes. Thugs stop Aditya and starts terminating. Aditya some way or another saves himself. Suhani requests that he leave right away.

Suhani reviews how Ranveer saved her everytime she caused problems. Rakesh gets stressed for Suhani as she isn’t back yet. Rakesh says Suhani’s telephone is likewise turned off. Dadi says Suhani is in class so she isn’t replying. Rakesh goes to actually look at in school. One thug focuses weapon at Aditya and requests that he show the patient’s face without a moment’s delay. Aditya begins acting and says that the dead body’s face isn’t watchable. The face is completely destroyed and they can not see that. There are a few principles which everybody needs to follow. The hooligans still effectively attempt to see Suhani’s face by eliminating the cover. Police shows up and Suhani gets up. She lets them know that how these thugs are attempting to go after her. They capture the thugs.

Rakesh perceives Ranvijay’s dad Jayvijay and stows away from him. Jayvijay flies off the handle at the clinic staffs that who advised a third year understudy to go to his child. She is as yet an understudy not a prepared medical caretaker. Jayvijay suspects that Suhani is sent by somebody to kill Ranvijay. Aditya comes to shield Suhani from him. Rakesh doesnt get consent to enter the school and he feels on the off chance that Jayvijay remembers him, he will illuminate his accomplice Vikrant and Ranveer will likewise find out about Suhani’s whereabouts. He can’t allow that to occur.