Sirf Tum 3 August 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Suhani gets ready notes and Aditya gazes at her sincerely. She gets back to him and he comes to the real world. He advises her to proceed. She says regardless of how good an understudy he is, no one can cause her to lose in getting ready notes. She says she needs to find out about him. She inquires as to whether he has a sweetheart, he says he was unable to track down an ideal young lady for him yet.

She says she will assist him with viewing it as the unique one. She inquires as to whether he drinks liquor. He says he is far away from smoking and drinking liquor. He is a specialist and these are not great for wellbeing. Suhani reviews Ranveer’s demonstration that the way in which he charged her in an inebriated state. She says it’s great that Aditya is alerting pretty much every one of these. Dadi finds an alcohol Bottle in the kitchen and she gets stunned.

Sudha tells Rakesh that Aditya is a pleasant person, who has no negative behavior patterns too. Dadi comes to Rakesh’s room and starts chiding him for drinking liquor regardless of his terrible well-being. She says he left his fixation quite a while back and guaranteed her he won’t ever drink liquor from now on why did he begin once more? Rakesh says he quit alcohol ages ago when he got to realize he has a liver issue because of that explanation. He never contacted liquor after that.

Dadi says why is this Bottle kept in the kitchen? Who is drinking that if not Rakesh? Suhani comes in and Rakesh says perhaps Aditya drinks liquor. Suhani says that is impractical as he told her he has no such compulsion. He tries not to drink liquor. Rakesh says in some cases individuals conceal their addictions. They feel awkward imparting it to other people. Sudha says Rakesh additionally used to conceal it from her. He used to bite cardamom to eliminate the liquor smell. Rakesh tells her not to review past things.

Suhani says how could Aditya lie to her, he is her companion. She says she will get some information about the container. Rakesh tells her not to as he would get outraged. She takes Dadi to the kitchen and says they can keep their eyes on the individual who is drinking liquor furtively. Be it Aditya or Rakesh they will get to realize who is doing it as a heavy drinker can’t avoid liquor. Dadi concurs.

Around evening time Suhani trusts that the individual will take the liquor bottle from the kitchen. She thinks about whether Rakesh is the one as he just realizes they are familiar the jug. She hears strides and stows away. Ishan comes to take water from the kitchen and Suhani suspects in the event that he is drinking liquor. He leaves the kitchen but drops the liquor bottle accidentally.

Suhani discovers him in the act and admonishes him for developing vices. He realizes Rakesh endured a great deal because of liquor why he did do that? Ishan says even though Ranveer is an alcoholic, Suhani couldn’t prevent her better half from drinking liquor why is she halting her sibling since he is more youthful than her? Suhani asks what hogwash he is talking about. She asks him since when he turned into a drunkard.

He says he began drinking liquor in the wake of seeing Ranveer. He attempted from his jug first. Suhani lashes out and Ishan cleans the wreck. She advises him to give her the jug pieces. He says she should get going to gripe about him to Rakesh. She assumes she is perfect. Suhani says she won’t tell anybody yet Ishan needs to stop this propensity. She is a specialist and she needs him to not become imprudent. Ishan guarantees her that he won’t rehash it.

Suhani petitions Matarani that what she ought to do as Rakesh will fall wiped out finding out about Ishan’s demonstration and Sudha will lose trust in him as well. Aditya asks her what is irritating her she can impart to him. She doesn’t say anything and Sudha calls her.