Somy Ali on surrogacy debate: It is more than a blessing that our LGBTQ community can be parents thanks to surrogates

Joining the surrogacy debate bandwagon, Somy Ali highlights the plight of a community that everyone is missing out on. The actor turned humanitarian means the LGBTQ community here. It all started with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas opting for surrogacy which became the talking point. Even author Taslima Nasreen reacted to the same and tweeted why she does not support surrogacy, and also clearly mentioned that she has nothing against the couple or anyone’s personal choice.

“I believe we have left out an entire prominent community here with the discussion on surrogacy. Our LGBTQ Community is abundantly a part of surrogacy. It is more than a blessing that our LGBTQ community can be parents thanks to surrogates. Additionally, surrogacy is a rewarding gift. Most women who choose surrogacy do so to give back to another family. Surrogates are legally protected and compensated quite handsomely. This is a well-thought-out process with legalities in place and not something that is decided overnight,” says Somy, who runs her NGO, No More Tears in Miami, US.

Surrogates bring joy to numerous families, according to her. She also points out that this is the most common practice in western society.

“I am happy to see it gaining normalcy in South Asia too, whether the parents are celebrities or not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with parents wanting to take the surrogate route. There is no coercion involved here and all parties are in full acquiescence when it comes to the entire nine months and the aftermath,” she adds.

Somy feels not all surrogates are here for financial reasons, but because they are empathetic towards certain women who have trouble giving birth and have suffered numerous miscarriages. She reveals her personal journey to explain her point.

“I myself have had two miscarriages and if I wanted a child, not that I can have one due to my career, I would be the first to opt for a surrogate. The naysayers do not know the intricate details of why a couple decides to opt for a surrogate, so they do not have a right to judge. None of us do. In the US, we do not even question surrogacy. Anyone who objects or criticises those who opt for a surrogate is still living in the dark ages. Congratulations to all who have welcomed a child via a surrogate,” says Somy.