Sudha Chandran turns anchor for Dangal’s show Crime Alert for the first time

Actor and dancer Sudha Chandran is seen in an all new avatar. She is the anchor of Crime Alert, a show on Dangal TV. Much like her fans, she is excited too. After all, this is the first time she is hosting a show.

“Initially, when I took it on, I was a little apprehensive because this is one genre that I have not touched at all. I have tried out acting but anchoring I always thought was very different and would also be difficult because your command on Hindi language has to be very strong. Relatively I do speak Hindi quite well but nevertheless, there are certain words which have to be said with precision. So I was a little doubtful. Also when you’re the anchor of a crime show, you become a social messenger, you are conveying what is just and right to the audience. So that conviction is very important. A lot of questions were going on in my mind but nevertheless, I have always accepted challenges. I said to myself ‘Sudha don’t give it up. You have to give it a try’, so here I am,” she smiles.

Talking about the uniqueness of the show, Sudha adds, “The stories we will be showing are not just stories, but drive home a message, helps one learn and concludes with a moral. The message at the end of each episode will help many. It’s not the laws that we are talking about, but what we can do as human beings to help in keeping each other safe and create a better society. The show makes us understand our responsibilities towards society,” she adds.

Sudha enjoyed collaborating with Himanshu Pathak and Payal Saxena, and their Elixir production. She feels they know their job like no other.

“I think Himanshu and Payal are the oldest makers of such shows. When I started producing crime alert for Dangal, I did a couple of episodes, produced a couple of episodes too and at that time too working with them was a pleasure. I have always looked up to them. They’re such a wonderful team, who are both creatively and technically brilliant. Payale has done a lot of short films and apart from everything I personally feel that she is a wonderful human being. I love being in her company. Whenever I am shooting with her, it’s like one hell of a picnic where we are laughing, talking, chatting, eating and then by the time we say, ‘Episode khatam ho gaya? Let’s leave’. So it’s not just a professional relationship, but much more than that,” she shares.

Sudha never had any experience in anchoring. Therefore, this show is special and closest to her heart. “I’m very thankful to Payal, Himanshu, Dangal channel and to Manish Singhal ji and also to Bhagwan sir who was handling Crime Alert initially but now Anshuman sir has taken over who started Savdhaan India and Crime Patrol. and to the core team of Crime alert who have put their trust on me. They always encourage me by saying, ‘Sudha ji you can do it. You stand very strong. You’re an epitome of strength and self-determination and people look up to you. Their kindness and support give me strength. When you’re a Sutradhar, the conviction with which you do your anchoring is very important. My vocabulary in Hindi has improved tremendously after doing Crime Alert and hopefully, I am able to deliver the messages. I have learnt so much while anchoring,” she says.

Crime based shows have a different feel and audience. Agreeing, Sudha adds, “When I was offered the show, I was like why me? But, when I met the team they said, why not you? And that kind of touched me. They convinced me to say yes and, looking back, I don’t regret taking it up at all.”