Teri Meri Dooriyan 28th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode Start with Sahiba recalls what occurred. Angad attempted to comfort the worker. The young lady comes and lets Angad know that the repairman has taken the vehicle, the technician says that it will require some investment as it is a major mishap. Angad concurs. The young lady gives the jasmine blossoms that are in her vehicle and leaves the spot. Sahiba inquires as to whether he truly had a mishap. Angad says it’s anything but nothing to joke about and gives jasmine blossoms to Sahiba. Sahiba says she doesn’t need any and says she needs nothing that helps her to remember him. Sahiba discusses Angad and his relationship.

Manveer uncovers what has been going on with Santosh. Seerat could hardly imagine how Seerat would do this with Sahiba. Manveer lets Santosh know that they are dealing with Sahiba and says that Seerat can come to their home. Seerat is shown strolling with his pack out and about without weighty downpour. Santosh calls Seerat and chides Seerat and asks Seerat for what valid reason she attempted to hurt Sahiba. Seerat lets Santos know that assuming he disapproves of him, he can believe that Seerat is dead for him. Seerat said from today Seerat is dead for this world. Seerat dropped the telephone.

Manveer comes to Sahiba and apologizes to Sahiba saying that he shouldn’t have taken the choice to send Sahiba to the psychological refuge without even batting an eye. Manveer advises Angad that he might want to converse with Sahiba alone. Angad left from that point. Manveer requests that Sahiba reexamine her choice in regards to her relationship with Angad. Manveer advises Sahiba that regardless of whether she needs to save her marriage depends on her. Manveer leaves from that point.

Angad comes and asks Sahiba everything that Manveer is saying to her furtively. Sahiba says Manveer is just getting some information about his wellbeing and that’s it.

Angad later inquires as to whether she will allow their relationship an opportunity. Sahiba asks Angad how he and Manveer can hope to give this relationship an opportunity when things occur. Angad is amazed to realize that Manveer is likewise asking exactly the same thing. Sahiba discusses Angad and his relationship.

Simran tells Inder, Angad and Sahiba that she won’t consent to drink milk until Anagd and Sahiba drop her off at school with her. Angad consents to go with Simran.

It is shown that Angad let Simran know that he will go on the boat provided that Angad and Sahiba leave him, that he will be able to accompany Sahiba. Simran agrees.After some time, Sahiba acknowledges Simran’s solicitation and demand.