Teri Meri Dooriyan 30th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Go singing and playing his guitar and contemplating Keerat.

Jasleen and Yash come and notice him from a good ways feeling frustrated about him.

In the mean time, Sahiba is hanging tight at the entryway for Angad and afterward nods off on the couch while Angad is in the street.

Mannat escapes the entryway when she drops a container which awakens Sahiba so she follows her.

Sahiba sees Mannat conversing with Angad from behind and afterward sees them both embracing each other when she understands that he isn’t Angad however Radiant which stuns her.

In the mean time, Sahiba gets a call that cautions Mannat when she goes to Sahiba and asks what is she doing here driving her to pose a similar inquiry from Mannat.

Bright beginnings pursuing hearing Sahiba’s voice when both Mannat and Sahiba pursue him however don’t get him.

Back at home, Parth awakens everybody as he can’t track down Mannat and is extremely stressed.

Somewhere else, Mannat faults Sahiba as it is a result of her that Bright vanished.

After some time, Angad enters a similar area while Sahiba is stunned to see him as she confused him with Radiant.

Mannat asks Angad imagining that she is Bright for what reason did he take off?

Angad answers that he isn’t Bright and after a few time all the relatives and Parth enter as well.

Mannat requests that Sahiba come clean that she saw Bright driving Sahiba to express that Mannat is coming clean as there was somebody who closely resembled Angad from behind.

Be that as it may, when she moved toward him, the man took off.

Mannat says that Angad is Bright while Sahiba denies as he was embracing Mannat and her better half could never at any point contact another lady.

Angad discusses how Bright is messing around with them and is in Ludhiana to which Mannat illuminates him about Radiant calling her external the house.

Notwithstanding, Angad adds that Bright definitely realize that she was in the Brar Chateau to which Sahiba says that they ought to get back to Radiant and check whether he gets the call.

Parth takes the telephone from Mannat’s hand and starts ringing Bright, a ringtone begins fighting against eminent loss and the entire Brar house follows it.

They arrive at Angad’s vehicle which shocks everybody as it was Bright’s telephone that was inside Angad’s vehicle.

Mannat lets everybody know that now they ought to accept her that Bright is Angad just as this is the greatest proof.

Angad says that he is seeing this telephone interestingly yet Parth answers that now he realizes Mannat was coming clean from the start.

Parth faults Angad for carrying on with a double life and is the greatest liar of all while saying that he won’t allow this to go unaddressed.

All of a sudden, Parth lifts his hand up high to strike Angad however Angad stops him and says that he realizes that the telephone doesn’t have a place with him and won’t give any clarification.