Teri Meri Dooriyan 4th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Mannat saying ‘sorry’ to Sahiba for her past bad conduct towards Sahiba and giving a gift to Sahiba to check her statement of regret.

In any case, Sahiba doesn’t get the gift from Mannat when Angad calls Sahiba and inquires as to whether she has called Mannat.

Sahiba requests that Mannat let Angad know that she didn’t call her while Angad comes in empowering Mannat to respect the couple.

Mannat advises Angad that she came here to apologize to Sahiba and apologizes to Angad as well.

She presents her gift to Sahiba making her take the gift while Mannat acclaims Sahiba’s development in managing what is going on.

Sahiba enquires about Radiant making Mannat express that Bright was occupied with work, which drove him to cut off from individuals.

Mannat states that soon, she and Bright will get hitched and welcomes the couple for supper at Club X at 7 o’clock.

Angad and Sahiba concur after which Mannat drives away, while Angad pauses his breathing to meet Radiant.

At Being a fan Inn, a call illuminates Angad and Bright gathering making a veiled man grin as Angad is sticking to the script.

At the Manor, Jabjot shows a neckband to Jasleen yet she could do without it when she gets an originator’s call.

Jasleen demands the fashioner to make her clothing as it’s dire for her marriage and after the call remarks on individuals for passing judgment on her.

Jabjot shows one more jewelry to Jasleen who again denies it as she needs something extraordinary.

Inside, Sahiba chooses to ask Angad which dress to wear for the supper and calls him.

Angad illuminates Sahiba that he’ll arrive behind schedule and requests that Sahiba go causing Sahiba to concur who requests that Angad come quick.

First floor, Seerat gets helped to remember the generational accessory and requests that Jabjot give that to Jasleen.

Jasleen acclaims Seerat while Jabjot chooses to ask Akaal and take the accessory from Angad’s storage.

Then again, Seerat makes plans to get the storage’s secret word when the accessory is taken out.

At the party, Parth welcomes Sahiba who requests that she treat herself and sooner or later, Mannat declares Radiant as her life partner to everybody.

From behind, the veiled man takes steps to make things fantastic for Angad while Parth gives an impromptu speech for Mannat and Radiant.

In the midst of this, Yash taps on Sahiba’s shoulder making her mindful of his presence.

Yashraj remarks how Radiant and Angad resemble the other the same causing Sahiba to concur while Yash states that something is bewildering.

Sahiba asks Yashraj the justification for what valid reason making Yashraj states that Mannat and Radiant are praising as though nothing occurred.

Yashraj thinks about how Parth excused Bright and afterward requests that Sahiba call Angad.

Afterward, Bright commendations Sahiba for her excellence when Radiant’s companion inclinations Radiant to celebrate with Mannat.

Mannat and Bright dance while Sahiba emerges to consider Angad when she hears the concealed man requesting that she notice Radiant causing her to follow him.

At the Chateau, Seerat looks to see the new secret phrase of the storage which Jabjot and Akaal will put.

Outside, Sahiba takes a stab at following the concealed man however doesn’t get him.