Teri Meri Dooriyan 6th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode starts with Garry finally revealing himself.

Meanwhile, Angad is pretending to be Sunny Sood and talking to Mannat on the phone while Sahiba attends to his wounds.

Angad calls Mannat ‘love’ which makes Sahiba give him a stern look while Mannat asks Sunny to kiss her.

Sahiba pokes Angad’s wound and then taunts Angad, I love you to his baby Mannat.

Elsewhere, Seerat tells Gary that it has been a month since he started troubling her.

Gary reminds Seerat of the day when he asked her to come and meet him, it was the same day on which Angad left for Mumbai.

Seerat goes into the flashback where Gary tells Seerat that he likes this game of living in the shadows and he will help her in doing so.

She also remembers how Gary blackmailed her into keeping his secret that he is alive otherwise, he will never divorce her.

Seerat comes back to the present and tells him that she has done what he asked her to do to which he replies that she had other option.

She then asks Gary for divorce, asking for the contents of the file she stole from Angad’s room.

Gary replies that there is no rush as Seerat also didn’t complete the work on time however, he will reward Seerat on his own time.

Later that day, Sahiba brings turmeric milk for Angad after which he tells her that tomorrow Mannat and Parth are also coming.

Sahiba says that Angad’s decision to be Sunny is not wise to which he says that Sahiba is again trying to meddle in.

Angad adds that there is a lot of danger in this and he just wants her to be safe as he is still haunted by Romi.

Sahiba says that sin is committed by a man but the repercussions are faced by the woman.

Angad replies that whatever happened was not her fault however, she did make some bad decisions.

Sahiba says that she is a simple girl but knows how to take care of herself and she does not want Angad’s concern to become the shackles of her freedom.

The next day, Jasleen’s engagement function is going on when everyone is dancing.

Seerat looks for her bracelet that has fallen to which Jasleen replies sarcastically that Seerat has a bad habit of losing her jewellery just like the first time she dropped her earring for Angad.

However, Seerat replies that Jasleen is also marrying her lost husband so that makes the two very same.

Meanwhile, Sahiba cuts her feet as she steps on Seerat’s gold bracelet that has fallen inside her room.

Angad tells Sahiba to take care of her things as things hurt her to which Sahiba says that there is nothing new in this as her loved ones only hurt her.