Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 3 August 2021 Geetu arrives at the hospital

At the beginning of the episode, Daljit taunts Heer that Geetu has only expressed her grief and Heer has accepted her words but since then has he been saying that he has not committed this crime but Heer is not listening to him. Heer asks him to get tested. Parmeet does not agree to this as it may lead to finger-pointing at their house. But Heer does not agree with her because a girl’s respect is the biggest.

While Parmeet blames Geetu that it is Geetu’s fault as she was trying to seduce her son. Heer is shocked to hear this. Parmeet tells that Geetu is doing all this for money. Virat tells Parmeet to keep quiet as her thinking is wrong. Later they leave for the hospital. Daljit tells Sant that he has not done anything. Sant advises him not to worry and takes him to the hospital so that he can get tested.

Here Harman feels that Soumya’s health is bad. He brings medicine for her. Saumya is astonished to see that Harman cares for her a lot. Harman tells her that he is afraid of losing her so he takes care of her. Soumya asks Harman to sit next to her. Harman gets someone’s call but he does not pick up. Soumya asks him to pick up the call. He does the same.

Here Daljit and Sant come for a checkup. Daljit goes to the cabin. The nurse also takes Geetu inside for a checkup. Heer remembers how Geetu was happy but how everything has gone wrong with her. Virat brings water for Heer. Heer thanks Virat as he is with her. Virat explains to her that he will always be with her as she always supports the truth. Heer us feeling pathetic that so much went wrong with Geetu.

Heer feels that it is all her fault but Virat explains to her that it is not her fault in this. He promises her that he will punish the man who has done this to Geetu. Harman brings a kada for Saumya. Soumya finds it too bitter. Further, Harman calls Heer. Heer picks up his call. Harman tells her that Saumya was missing her.

Later, Saumya feels that Heer is upset. Heer tries to hide the truth from her but is unable to hide it. Then Heer starts crying and tells about Geetu. Soumya gets shocked hearing this. Harman and Soumya decide that they will come to the hospital now. But Heer refuses them. The next morning Harman tells Harak that he has two meetings today and since Soumya is unwell, she cannot go. Harak thinks of sending Balwinder.

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