Woh Toh Hai Albela 26 May 2022 written update: Saroj blames Sayuri

At the beginning of the episode, Anjali comes to Sayuri and said that she lied to Kanha. She says that she wants to tell her that she is feeling pain. She says that she doesn’t want to make Kanha feel guilty. Anjali says that she is not angry with her. Sayuri says that she can understand. Anjali says that She never stops loving him. Sayuri looks on. She says Kanha is his first love and She can Never forget her love. Kanha asks Nakul that Anjali understands everything very well. Nakul says that everything seems fake. Kanha asks not to overthink. Sayuri says to Anjali that she will return everything to her. She says that she will return Kanha to her. Anjali hugs Sayuri.

Sayuri is working in the kitchen. Saroj comes and Shouts at Sayuri. She asks her not to come into the kitchen. She scolds her for coming and touching her kitchen. Anjali’s father comes and shouts at Sayuri. He says to Sayuri that she betrayed him. Her father said that Anjali is broken. He breaks all the ties with them. Saroj blames Sayuri for breaking into her house. Saroj scold her too much. Saroj says ill to her. Dhanraj asks her to stop. They start fighting. Dhanraj is about to slap Saroj. Everyone gets shocked. Sayuri is crying. Saroj ask Kanha to stop her. Saroj scolds Sayuri and said that she come into this house anyhow. Kanha shouts to stop here. Saroj gets shocked and leaves from there.

Sayuri is Crying and feels bad for herself. Kanha comes and gives her a tissue. Sayuri says that she can go to her house. Kanha wipes her tears. Sayuri asks him to give her a favor. Sayuri asks not to go against Saroj. Kanha says that he can choose one. Both of them are his responsibilities. Kanha feels pain in his leg. Sayuri asks him to a seat.

Saroj says that she can’t let Kanha stay with Sayuri. Saroj says that she will not leave her rights. She says that she will use her important weapon. Saroj looks on.

Upcoming story: Saroj gives a lot of chilies to make it powder and gives a lot of clothes to wash. Kanha helps her. Sayuri looks at Kanha.