Yeh Hain Chahatein 15th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Kanchan notices that garden work is pending. She calls Prem. Ruhi tells Vidyut that Kanchan calling him. Vidyut gets ready to go to Kanchan. She stops him saying that he can’t go in front of Kanchan because he don’t look like Rudraksh at all. He asks her that what he should do now.

On the other hand, Preesha tells Rudraksh about Ruhi’s injury and also about Ruhi’s memory loss. She says that Ruhi thinks that Prem is her father. Rudraksh asks her that how is that possible. He says that he is Ruhi’s father so he will bring Ruhi back. She tells him that Ruhi can’t handle mental stress so Ruhi will stay in Armaan’s house. She says that Rudraksh don’t have any other option.

Rudraksh says that Ruhi can stay at Armaan’s house. Armaan wonders that why Rudraksh agreed easily. He thinks that something is fishy for sure. Rudraksh stops Preesha from leaving. He says that he want to give Ruhi’s blanket because without that Ruhi can’t sleep. Saaransh wonders that why Rudraksh lying. Rudraksh opens the cupboard and drops Preesha’s saree deliberately.

He recalls that how he gifted that saree to her. She takes the saree and says that she won’t wear this heavy work saree. He tells her that this saree will suit her. He asks her that if she remembered anything. She says that it looks like this already happened. Armaan thinks that he was worried about this only. He tells Preesha that they should leave. He takes the saree from Preesha and throws it. He holds her hand and takes her from there.

Vidyut calls Rudraksh but no response from other side. He says that everything is over. Kanchan knocks the door. Ruhi asks Vidyut to act like sleeping. She opens the door. Kanchan asks them that what’s happening. She asks Ruhi that what is the latter doing there. Ruhi tells her that she don’t know her. She says that Prem is her father. She says that Prem is in pain so he can’t work now. Kanchan gets confused hearing everything. She says that she will fire Prem if he don’t finish the garden work then and leaves from there.

Saaransh asks Rudraksh that how the latter reached house on time. Rudraksh tells him that how he sneaked into his room. He notices Vidyut’s missed calls. He calls Vidyut. Ruhi tells him that they are in trouble. He asks her that if Vidyut get caught. She tells him about Kanchan’s warning. She asks him to come and finish the garden work.

Preesha wonders that why she felt like Khurana mansion is her house. Armaan reminds her that Rudraksh hate her. She wonders that why Rudraksh kept her photos in his room and why she looks happy in those photos. She thinks that she saw truth in Rudraksh’s eyes. Kanchan comes there and says that she learnt everything. Lights goes off. Raj drops Rudraksh at Armaan’s house. Rudraksh thinks that he can take advantage of darkness and moves towards the house. Light comes. Preesha, Kanchan and Armaan sees Rudraksh.

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