Yeh Hain Chahatein 23rd November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

o, I will take papers from Mohan and will come there to take the stamp, atleast my weight will be eliminated. She holds Karun’s hand and requests that he come. Romila asks where you are going? Mahima reprimands her and goes.

In the instructional hub, the students are approached to compose their data on the structure. A learner Vishal insults Arjun for clearing the test after such countless endeavors. Arjun flies off the handle. Another student requests that they stop it and tells that they will see the value in Arjun for clearing the test. He says we have come here to develop and become something. Arjun insults them and tells that in the event that they pull somebody down, they will tumble down as well.

Mahima and Karun come to the workplace. Mahima looks for the paper in the vehicle. Karun heads inside. He converses with the Peon and tells that he needs to meet Kashvi aunt and tells that he is the kid who was saved by her. He inquires as to whether you didn’t see the new channel. Peon says alright and requests that he go. Mahima comes there and asks Karun for what good reason he didn’t sit tight for her. She thinks who is she, for whom he would rather not hang tight for me. Peon illuminates Kashvi that she can begin the preparation as every one of the learners are pausing. Kashvi takes her versatile and goes.

Mahima comes to Kashvi’s lodge with Karun, however she isn’t there. She thinks it is great, she will take the stamp. Karun says he needs to go to washroom. Mahima requests that he go himself. Karun goes. The students come to the preparation room. The student says he heard that the preparation official is a woman. Another person says the women will deal with kitchen as it were. Arjun says the ladies are administering on the nation and tells that you could have perused as you finished the test, and tells that they will be moderate in their viewpoints, and requests that they change their contemplations and the nation will change. Vishal calls him ladies defender and requests that he safeguard himself first. Vishal remembers to make mentor and Arjun atone, and says coach will apologize to take care of business here, and Arjun will apologize to come for preparing.

Karun stalls out in the washroom and weeps for help. Kashvi is going from that point, and hears him. Karun calls Mamma and Father, save me. Kashvi asks who is inside? Karun says I’m stuck inside, save me. Kashvi says Karun, assuming you are inside. Karun says save me aunt. Kashvi says I will open the entryway and finds the entryway stuck. She thinks the entryway is shut from inside and requests that he open it from inside. Karun says my hands are not arriving at it. Kashvi requests that he hop and arrive at the handle. Karun says I can’t reach and requests that she save him. He cries. Karun says in the event that I was unable to get out then what will occur. Kashvi thinks he is overreacting, however I need to divert him. She lets him know that she is with him, and inquires as to whether there is any stool there. He says no. Kashvi gets stressed.

Precap: Karun is as yet adhered and requests that Kashvi save him. Kashvi inquires as to whether he came alone. He says he has accompanied his Mamma. Mahima takes Kashvi’s stamp on Mohan’s paper. Kashvi comes there and says Mahi.

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