Yeh Hain Chahatein 24th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Karun overreacting and requesting that Kashvi help him when he reviews the day when Birju captured him.

Kashvi attempts to reassure him by requesting that he take profound long breaths yet Karun says that he is feeling choked.

In any case, Kashvi says that he is a superhuman, thusly, he shouldn’t cry while Karun says that a hero never stalls out in the washroom.

Kashvi requests that he keep confidence in god and to adapt to the circumstance with courage driving Karun to quit crying and adhere to her guidance.

She inquires as to whether he sees whatever there and he expresses that there is a can while she requests that he give the pail and attempt to open the lock.

Karun adheres to her guidelines, opens the lock and comes out when she embraces Karun and gets profound to see him.

From that point forward, he requests that she quit crying as he is there to take care of her while she asks him with whom he came.

He lets Kashvi know that he accompanied his mother and takes Kashvi with him to make her meet with his mother.

In the interim, Mahima takes Kashvi’s mark wrongfully and leaves her lodge while Peon comes there, requesting that Kashvi go to the ground as students are sitting tight for her.

Kashvi goes to her work, requesting that Karun proceed to sit with his mother so he goes to Mahima however she reprimands him and removes him from that point in the wake of completing her work.

Meanwhile, different learners and Arjun contend for the woman official and the students call Arjun, a disappointment which incites Arjun’s displeasure.

He is going to beat him yet quits, saying that he reviews his dad’s line that we shouldn’t toss a stone in mud as mud moves past us solely after that does Arjun go from that point.

Arjun’s companion battles for him however Kashvi comes there and chides them for acting like a youngster, requesting that they present themselves.

They acquaint each other with her when she examines the educational plan with them and is going to begin the preparation while Arjun’s companion requests that she stand by as Arjun is coming.

Kashvi is astonished to see Arjun and concocts a rationalization to go from her lodge.

She begins crying and says that she can’t prepare this cluster as she can’t confront Arjun any longer, requesting that Mr Verma take the preparation.

From that point forward, she goes into her supervisor’s lodge and says that she needs to leave which astounds her chief.

He says that Kashvi has marked the agreement so she needs to adhere to the directions as they have used their assets and time on her.

He compels her to proceed to accept the preparation as the need might arise to follow.

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