Yeh Hain Chahatein 27th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The thug who is acting like transporter is going to drive off the truck, however Arjun understands that the sack was moving and stops the truck. Mohan and the thug get down the truck. The thug says you have actually looked at a little while ago. Arjun says I need to check once more. Mohan says we will have misfortune. Arjun says I saw the sack moving and says the grain pack don’t move. Vishal ridicules Arjun and inquires as to why he needs to see it once more. Kashvi asks him not to ridicule him, and requests that Arjun pay attention to his gut and don’t overlook it. Arjun requests that they open the truck. He says the sack is moving, and checks, yet tracks down rice. Vishal asks Arjun for what valid reason he is halting the vehicles, as there is a line of vehicles. Arjun tells that he feels that something is off-base. He actually takes a look at the sack, however it is having rice in it. He is going to get down, when the sacks fell in the truck. Vishal says it fell as you was strolling. All at once two additional packs tumbles down. Arjun inquires as to whether I’m off-base even at this point. Kashvi requests that he actually take a look at the pack. He opens the pack and tracks down the garments, and afterward tracks down a young lady inside it. They all get stunned. Mohan and the transporter persuade stunned to be gotten. The young lady tells that they were taking them to sell, and that they are from Faridabad. She says there are different young ladies too in the truck. The transporter is going to run, yet Kashvi gets him, he goes after her. He is gotten by the common official learners and the Police. He says he has the papers and shows it. Kashvi pulls his facial hair. Arjun asks where is your accomplice. The transporter says he escaped. Vishal checks the papers and says it has common official stamp and it is your stamp Kashvi ji. Kashvi is stunned. She really looks at the papers.

The senior officials ask Kashvi how could her stamp is found on the papers for young ladies dealing. Kashvi says I truly don’t have the foggiest idea. The other official says you are liable for itself and until you effectively defend yourself, you will be suspended. Vishal grins. Kashvi tells that she didn’t have the foggiest idea, might be somebody went to her lodge and took the stamp on the papers. The official says we will enquire about this however until the enquiry is finished, you will be suspended. Vishal thinks you merit this Kashvi Maam. Kashvi goes to her lodge and shows the stamp in her office. She says it implies that somebody came here and utilized stamp on the papers. Vishal says might be you have given it to somebody. Arjun requests that he shut up. Kashvi’s supervisor chastens Vishal and apologizes to Kashvi, and tells that he can’t help her. Kashvi says I’m blameless and haven’t done anything wrong, and will defend myself. Vishal lets Arpit know that don’t have any idea how she will save herself from the huge outrage. Arjun goes behind her. Kashvi says she would rather not converse with him. Arjun says I realize that you are honest and will assist you with demonstrating that you are guiltless. Kashvi says I needn’t bother with your assistance, I have taken care of all that well till now, and requests that he avoid her assuming he has any disgrace or confidence. She goes.

Arjun says he has confidence, disgrace and humankind left and that is the reason he is here. He says he has kept her up until this point that she needn’t bother with his assistance and needs to carry on with existence without him. He says he needs to help her, and will assist her with effectively defending herself. He says somebody came to her lodge without her insight and figures how to find out. He remembers to check the passage register. He actually looks at it. The peon comes there and tells that a young man and his mom had come and their entrance isn’t enlisted. Arjun says Karun and Mahima had come. He supposes on the off chance that Mahima took the stamp and provided for young ladies dealing group, and figures Mahima can’t do this, she isn’t connected with the posse. He remembers to go to the PS and ask Lokesh, the truck proprietor. He comes to the PS and hears the Overseer getting some information about his chief and beats him. Lokesh tells that his manager is Mohan. Controller shows Mohan’s photograph. Lokesh says OK, and says he does betting and presently began young ladies’ dealing. Arjun interfaces the connections and thinks Mahima had gone to Kashvi’s office, taken and took the stamp. He figures Mahima won’t admit with such ease, and figures how to make her admit, where I will get verification. Kashvi gets back home and lets Dadi know that she is suspended, why this occurred with her. She tells her beginning and end, and tells that Supervisor said that I can’t work until the enquiry is finished. Dadi says it is uplifting news and tells that you don’t have to see Arjun now, Mata Rani saved you from the aggravation. Kashvi says nothing is great in this, and tells that she will get the stain of a trickster, and tells that she can’t live with it. Dadi says you will be demonstrated as blameless, as you are guiltless and says until further notice we can leave from here, and focus on your life.

Arjun asks Karun who brought him home that day. Karun says Mamma called Micky Mom and he brought him home, as she had some significant work. He goes. Arjun believes assuming Mahima realize that Kashvi came and that is the reason she did this to trap Kashvi, or helped Mohan without being familiar with Kashvi. He remembers to find out and demonstrate that Mahima had taken the stamp.

Precap: Arjun sees the CCTV Camera of the street and sees Mahima giving papers to Mohan. Later he will show the pendrive to the common dept, and lets Jagdish know that he will submit it and effectively defend Kashvi. Jagdish says you won’t do this Arjun.

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