Yeh Hain Chahtein :- Appa in hospital and Saransh is still unknown.

The almost sequel to YHM, the show is bringing out new things in every episode. In the previous episode we have learned that Saransh is missing and all doubts are stuck on Balraj.

Now in today’s episode, Rudra and Preesha attended the wedding in search of Balraj but they later come to know that it was confusion and Balraj was not even required to attend the wedding. Preesha and Rudra are upset that Saransh is still missing and every second is important.

Now we see Appa is in hospital and Yuvi comes to Khurana mansion to tell this to Preesha after some hot exchange of words, Preesha, Rudra, and Yuvi left for the hospital. At the city hospital they try to find Appa, Rudra tricks nurse and they reach Appa. Appa is critical. And talks to Amma. Preesha is a double upset one because of appa and Saransh is nowhere. Yuvi hatches a plan again.Ahana makes fun of the trio.

The episode ends with Preesha going inside the ward to meet appa Yuvi and Rudra gives looks to each other. Now we shall see that Rudra Mom is asking if he had a filled a complaint against Balraj and Rudra says No, Preesha states the reason then on call Yuvi says that he had filled a complaint of Saransh missing and put allegations on Rudra family that one is suspect Preesha tell this to Rudra.

There are many questions arising as to who is that family member if at all this is done by family and that mysterious lady??? and will Saransh be found on time???

Well, these answers will be surely be given to you all readers by us. For more updates keep on reading and keep watching Yeh Hain Chahtein only on your favorite channel Star Plus.

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