Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 February 2022 written update: Harshwardhan’s proposal

In the beginning of the episode, Harshvardhan says to Abhimanyu that he needs to talk to him. In the garden they sit together, Harshvardhan says to him that today he really did a tremendous job and he is one of the finest doctor’s and he knows the Birla hospital needs him. He says and he knows that he is talking practically so he will think less of him but he needs to understand that he can’t look after his patients from the medical camp without the equipment he can find in the Birla hospital. Abhimanyu thinks of what Manjuri told him that the doctor’s biggest responsibility is their patients. He gives him the rejoining application and asks him to sign it, Abhimanyu says he will sign it but with him Harshvardhan also needs to bring back Akshu as she is the best music therapist they can find. He says it’s a suggestion and not a condition.

Kairav and Akshu sit in the cafeteria, he asks her where Arohi is. She tells him that she has gone to check on the medicines. Akshu says to him that she is still scared as she feels like the situation Manish is in because of her, Kairav says it’s because of both of them. Vansh brings Suvarna and Suhasini, Suvarna asks Kairav to take her to Manish and he tells her that he is asked to request.

Suvarna hugs Akshu and says to her to not cry. Anisha sees them from outside and thinks to herself that she never had motherly love. Akshu goes to meet her outside, Suhasini says to Suvarna that Anisha didn’t even come inside to come and meet them. Akshu meets Anisha, she says to her that she can see that she was seeing her and Suvarna. Akshu says to her to try and talk to Mahima as all the mothers are the same, and she will forgive her.

Akshu stands outside the ward,and Abhimanyu notices her and brings her inside. She asks Abhimanyu for his stethoscope, she then hears Manish’s heartbeat and says that it is beating for his family. Abhimanyu takes her hand and keeps the stethoscope on his heart and says and his heart beats for her. Manish gains consciousness and sees Akshu and Abhimanyu and has a flashback of her fighting for Abhimanyu with him. Abhimanyu then tries to touch his hand, but he removes it. Abhimanyu says to him that here he is his doctor and he would have to follow his orders.

Anisha brings Mahima her favorite cookies to apologize, she gets emotional. Mahima says to her that cookies can’t fix things this time. Anisha sees Akshu and says to her that she can see now that Mahima isn’t like all mothers. Mahima says to Akshu that she shouldn’t interfere in her family matters. The nurse tells Akshu that she and her family can meet Manish now.

Upcoming- Abhimanyu checks his phone, and says to himself that Akshu even after knowing that he’ll be busy in the prayers today didn’t text him. Manish shows up at Birla house.

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