Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The Episode begins with everybody seeing Ruhi. Aryan says Armaan was conversing with Ruhi in Mussoorie. They say he needed to fix Ruhi and Rohit’s connection, we will tell him. They proceed to prod Rohit. Akshu thinks we have no observer or confirmation, where is Abhira. Abhira comes. Akshu asks what did the driver say. Abhira doesn’t say anything, we will lose the court. Everybody takes Rohit and Ruhi’s pics. Surekha asks Sanjay for what reason are you stressed. Sanjay says in no way like that, I was actually looking at my flight timings, I m leaving for Mussoorie today. Ruhi reviews Armaan. Manish reviews Abhira.

Krish calls Armaan. Kiara says Nanisa will blow up. Ryan says we will show Ruhi to Armaan. Armaan accepts the call. He asks is Dadi annoyed with me. Aryan says we have a shock, new Bhabhi is here. Armaan says I m not there, show me how the two of them look. Krish says have persistence. Krish goes to show Armaan. Rohit grins and says Bhaiya… . Dadi requests that they start the rasam. Krish separates. Armaan says I can’t take a risk by disturbing Dadi, I miss Rohit. Rohit messages him, I miss you as well. Armaan talks with him.

Vidya requests that Rohit keep the telephone. Rohit says I m conversing with Bhaiya, he is very demon and he hasn’t arrived. Suwarna says its great to see this, you love your sibling a ton. Manish says senior sibling is the primary companion of life. Rohit says my sibling is awesome, on the off chance that you met him first, you would have the partnership for him. He says Ruhi, you would have become hopelessly enamored with him assuming you met him, mum and Dadi stress for me so I m getting hitched first. Dadi asks Rohit what is he doing, he believes should do rasam or not. Rohit says obviously yes. Everybody giggles. He grins seeing Ruhi. Vidya does the Roka customs. Ruhi considers Armaan. She embraces Manish. Manish says congratulations. Dadi says we ought to keep their commitment tomorrow. Manisha says that is really smart. Dadi says another person will take this choice. Manisha expresses profound gratitude, you gave me such a lot of devil. Dadi requests that Ruhi choose.

Rohit says say no assuming that you need. Ruhi gestures. Everybody applauds. Dadi says then the commitment is tomorrow. Sanjay says we are there to help in game plans. Manish says we will deal with it. Rohit asks Ruhi are you certain. She gestures. Its morning, Abhira says we have no observer or confirmation. Akshu says fight is won by mental fortitude additionally, where did our vehicle go. Abhira says Shyam took the vehicle, he needed to purchase vegetables. Armaan comes. He says I have come to prosecute you. Abhira says compelling reason need, we will go on own. Akshu says he came to take us. Abhira says we can’t confide in him. Armaan says I did nothing that you trust me, kindly trust me. Akshu says one gets values from mum and Master likewise, my lessons didn’t lose. She favors him and says I m glad for you. Abhira says this won’t help, we have no observer or evidence, we will lose the case. Armaan says truth never loses, I have left Yuvraj’s case, I don’t figure he can track down a decent legal counselor in one evening. They come to the court and see Sanjay. Sanjay chastens him for tricking the family and calling. Armaan says they have done cheating, they are lawbreakers, our family don’t uphold crooks. Sanjay says every son follows his old man’s example, you didn’t get sense in the wake of getting chastened by Maasa. Armaan reviews Dadi’s words.

Akshu says it’s a legal dispute, don’t confound individual relations. Sanjay says OK, you avoid our family matter. Abhira receives a message. Yuvraj says don’t fly off the handle, when a young lady in the middle between, one loses mind, simply sit back and relax, we will win. Armaan insults his carelessness. He reprimands Yuvraj. Sanjay says I will save him, this is my experience, I lost no case till now. Abhira says you will lose the main instance of your life, prepare.

In the court, Armaan asks Akshu did Abhira receive any message. Akshu says I don’t have the foggiest idea what evidence she got, I simply trust she is protected. Sanjay says they gave no strong confirmation against Yuvraj, he is honest, he sat idle. Abhira comes and says he did a homicide. Sanjay says don’t lie in the court. Abhira says the court observer is saying this. She gets driver there. They get stunned seeing Kamal. Kamal says I need to change my assertion. Jagrat says he took 10 lakhs and presently he needs to change the assertion, don’t have the foggiest idea why. Kamal says I wasn’t driving, Yuvraj compromised me and constrained me to assume the fault by giving me cash. The adjudicator says Yuvraj is answerable for Anurag’s passing, and rebuffs him with 10 years of detainment. Yuvraj is stunned. The consultation closes. Yuvraj admonishes Kamal and says I will kill you. Armaan stops him and says you need to expand your discipline. Assessor holds Yuvraj’s hand. Yuvraj blows up and says I will see everybody. Armaan says you need to see the prison walls for a very long time, you come in 2033. He requests that investigator show Yuvraj not to see any young lady. He gazes at Yuvraj.

Yuvraj comes to Abhira and says everybody is moving in our Sangeet. Dadi says we will keep Sangeet and afterward marriage. Ruhi says I m prepared to wed in two days. Armaan returns home.