Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode Start with Arman feels remorseful for playing with Abhira. He said that Akshara took the shot. Arman says that Abhira needs to forfeit his life for his mom. He says that Abhira is Akshara’s girl. Abhira says she isn’t accomplishing any work. Arman feels regretful for not having the option to grasp Abhira. Ruhi chooses to call the police, as she is stressed over Arman and Abhira. Abhira expresses gratitude toward Arman for continuously being there. Arman depends on Abhira’s generosity.

Abhira says Kaveri is correct; Yuvraj came into their lives therefore. Arman says that on account of Abhira, numerous positive changes have occurred in his loved ones. Abhira requests that Arman stop shower, bless your heart. Arman calls Abhira exceptional. Abhira says she isn’t doing a lot. Arman says that he brings his family just to his confidential spot. Ruhi sees Abhira and Arman. Abhira inquires as to whether he is requesting that she carry him to her mystery place. Arman composes Abhira’s name. Abhira attempted to stop.

Kaveri gave over Saxena’s record to Manoj. Sanjay asks Kaveri for what valid reason she is irate assuming she takes Yuvraj’s case. Kaveri takes the choice to fire Sanjay from the organization. Sanjay inquires as to whether she figures Manoj will actually want to deal with her case. That’s what kaveri says in spite of the fact that she knows reality with regards to Yuvraj, Sanjay took the reason. Sanjay says he has won against Poddars. He adds that rather than Manoj, Kaveri ought to have given the documents to Abhira. Kaveri says that regardless of whether Poddar’s office is shut, she won’t give Sanjay a case. Manoj was blissful. Ruhi’s telephone rings. Abhira and Yuvraj halted. Ruhi says she is stressed over Arman and Abhira, so she is searching for them. He chose to leave. Arman tells Abhira that Ruhi assisted him with tracking down him. Ruhi won’t assume praise. Abhira says thanks to Ruhi. Ruhi says she is connected with him. Abhira, Arman and Ruhi choose to praise this time.

The poddars are glad to see Abhira, Arman and Ruhi together. Poddars chooses to play a game where Kaveri says that somebody is absent. He calls out to Charu. Abhira questions Kaveri. He told Charu. Dev chooses to leave Charu. He encourages Charu to educate her family concerning the preparation. Charu will not tell Kaveri. The Poddars play senseless pretenses. Ruhi loves Arman.