Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The Episode begins with Armaan considering Abhira, Akshu and Ruhi. Akshu asks Armaan, yes or no? Abhira says no mumma. He says OK, I will wed Abhira. Abhira says no mumma, I will not wed Armaan of all time. Akshu expresses pay attention to me. Abhira asks does anybody wed along these lines, I will call specialist uncle, he will treat you and afterward your brain. Akshu says presently specialist can do nothing, I don’t have time left, don’t sit around in that frame of mind, to me. Abhira says no, please. Akshu says we will do shake, paper, scissor and choose, it’s the last time. Abhira cries. Akshu falls powerless. Specialist comes and infuses the medication. Abhira requests that Akshu wear the veil. Akshu says specialist can do nothing, however you can make it happen, Abhira. She makes sense of Abhira. She requests that she grasp her apprehension. She says express yes for this marriage.

Abhira says I will wed Armaan. Armaan checks her out. Rohit and his family dance on Dekho meri ada bhi kya… Goenkas likewise dance on Gud naal ishq mitha… . Rohit moves on Sajan bade senti… Everybody moves. Suwarna does Rohit’s aarti. Everybody prevents Suwarna from pulling Rohit’s nose. They request that she pull his ears. Surekha says it’s a rasam. Suwarna attempts to hold Rohit’s nose. Rohit says my marriage will not occur assuming you delay the rasam. Suwarna pulls his nose. Manish requests that he contact the gateway with this sword then he will get the passage. Surekha says somebody is missing, Armaan…

Armaan cleans up. He thinks about Akshu’s words. Ruhi considers Armaan and cries. The man says I will enlist Abhira’s marriage. Akshu expresses gratitude toward him. Armaan says I need to call Ruhi. Ruhi calls him and says Armaan, I m getting hitched. He says I want to talk something pixie, I don’t have the foggiest idea how this occurred. She asks what occurred. He says I m fine, yet whatever is occurring here… . Shivali requests that Ruhi come, baraat has come, Rohit is pausing. Armaan hears this and finishes call. Armaan cries a ton. He returns to Akshu. Specialist says what is going on is basic. Rohit sees Ruhi and grins. Kise puchun… .plays…

He holds her hand and gets her on the stage. Abhira comes to Akshu and cries seeing her. Specialist says time is running out, begin it rapidly. Rohit does homage Ruhi to wear the festoon. Abhira and Armaan trade varmala. Rohit and Ruhi additionally trade the festoons.

Rohit and Ruhi get hitched. Armaan weds Abhira. Manish figures the reason why do I feel like some cherished one is disappearing until the end of time. He tumbles down. Akshu favors Abhira and Armaan, and passes on.