Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Manish praising Swarna on the grounds that Ruhi’s festoon trade went right, causing Vidya to ask Manish for what valid reason is he expressing so.

This leads Manish to enlighten Vidya concerning the varmala emergency that once even a camel ate the festoon.

The Poddars and the Goenkas chuckle about it while Manish wants for Ruhi and Rohit to be content.

At the medical clinic, Akshara does Abhira’s kanyadaan while at the mandap, Manish does Ruhi’s ‘kanyadaan’.

In the clinic, Armaan and Abhira’s gathbandhan is finished by one of the medical caretakers and Mr Kipling yet at Udaipur, one of the Poddar sisters does the gathbandhan of Ruhi and Rohit.

Akshara is approached by the specialist to sign on the paper when Akshara attempts to fortify her hang on the pen since her shortcoming refuses her to do as such.

Abhira approaches and holds Akshara’s hand for her to sign on the paper.

At the Goenkas, the Poddars and Goenkas shower blossoms on Rohit and Ruhi as they take the heavenly seven rounds by the fire.

In the interim, Akshara finishes marking the papers and it is passed to Abhira and Armaan.

Somewhere else, the Poddar kin teasingly request that Rohit do the pheras gradually driving Vidya to request that they quiet.

Notwithstanding, the kin keep on prodding Rohit to go sluggish in light of the fact that Ruhi could fall.

Rohit states that Ruhi won’t fall as he’s there close by while the kin euphorically hoot.

Then again, Armaan and Abhira sign on the paper while Rohit and Ruhi’s seven pheras are finished.

Mr Kipling acquires the mangal sutra yet looks for an expression of remorse for not bringing the vermillion.

This makes Akshara fretful yet soon, she sees Sindur kept before Radhakrishna.

Armaan gets flashbacks of Ruhi and ponders internally that four lives have been annihilated that day.

Somewhere else, Rohit fills Ruhi’s hairline with vermillion while at the medical clinic Abhira and Armaan do likewise.

Sooner or later, Akshara favors Armaan and Abhira while at the mandap, Dadisa and Manish favor the new couple.

Akshara gets flashbacks of the multitude of grins she got in the course of her life after which she dies.

Abhira lets out a cry while meanwhile, Manish falls on the lounge chair driving Swarna to inquire as to whether he’s fine.

Manish states that he felt his life disappearing while Dadisa states that this happens when his little girl’s disappearing and Manish gets helped to remember Akshara.

In the room, Abhira takes a gander at Akshara and thinks back the minutes she enjoyed with her as the specialist covers her face.

Further, the specialist requests that Armaan in all actuality do Akshara’s last customs while Armaan requests that Abhira require some investment.

At Udaipur, Manish pushes the vehicle with Ruhi and Rohit in it and somewhere else, Abhira and Armaan push the cot with a dead Akshara on it unfortunately.