Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Armaan let Abhira know that he will constantly be with her until she is free and won’t ever attempt to be her significant other.

Then again, Rohit kin prevent him from going to his room and request cash to give him access.

Between the jokes and prodding, Rohit at last figures out how to go to his room while Manisha advises Vidhya to wed Armaan next as visitors are inquiring as to for what reason did they not wed Armaan first.

In the mean time, Ruhi remains at the focal point of the room taking a gander at the beautified bed when Rohit comes inside.

He praises her for looking pretty and attempts to get close with her.

In any case, Ruhi lets him know that they have just met seven days prior and presently they are hitched however she doesn’t feel wedded to him yet.

Rohit tells her to not get abnormal as he comprehends that in organized marriage love comes later so they can begin their relationship with companionship and afterward continue to be darlings.

Then again, Armaan advises Abhira to take as much time as necessary expressing bye to her home yet she lets him know that her house was her mom and now that she isn’t there it is simply blocks and Mortar.

All of a sudden Armaan gets a call from Vidhya inquiring as to whether he is okay and in the event that his work is finished.

Armaan tells her that he lost it this time in light of the fact that a great deal has occurred in a day.

Vidhya gives her reassuring words and lets him know that there are things that main God controls and he can give him the best.

Afterward, Vidhya lets Grandma know that Armaan has lost while she lets him know that this misfortune will influence the entire family.

She advises Vidhya to find a spouse for Armaan likewise which can keep him grounded while Vidhya guarantees her that Armaan’s significant other will be the young lady she will cherish the most.

Then again, Yuvraj blames Sanjay for just boasting and sending a man like Armaan who has been meddling in his life and has made him lose the case.

He takes steps to kill Armaan since he has taken Abhira some place and affronts Sanjay.

Sanjay is irate at Armaan for giving Yuvraj motivation to be offending to him and thinks about the thing he is doing in Masoori.

The following day, Vidhya and Manisha inform Ruhi concerning the family decision for Kheer and advise her to likewise get ready.

In the mean time, Ruhi’s hand stops at Armaan’s name on hearing that he is Masoori while Rohit assists her with getting it together and serves the desert to everybody.

Grandma prefers the flavor of the Kheer that Ruhi has arranged and tells her that she cherishes Rohit a ton and can’t see him troubled.

In any case, Rohit tells her that grandma loves Armaan the most and it isn’t shocking on the grounds that Armaan is good to the point that anybody would cherish him.

Somewhere else, Armaan and Abhira come to a lodging and are stunned to see the lodging brightened for honeymooners.

They review their time together at the retreat and advise the chaperon to eliminate the flower petals.