Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 24 April 2022 weekly

In last week’s episodes, The detective shows the footage to Abhimanyu. He says that the car was of Arohi Goenka and there was another girl with her in the car. Abhimanyu asks him if he is sure, the detective says he is sure as he saw the footage and it’s very clear. Abhimanyu gets shocked and runs off. Abhimanyu breaks down thinking of Akshu keeping the truth from him.

Akshu gets a text from Abhimanyu saying that he is sending a cab for her. She reaches the accident location. He asks her if she remembers that he was very worried on the puja day, as he wasn’t able to talk to her and Manjuri. He says then he spoke to her and she didn’t say anything to her. She met him numerous times after that and never thought it was important for her to tell him the truth. Abhimanyu says it’s tough for him to believe it’s her, he asks her who was driving. She says that it was Arohi. Abhimanyu says now he understands why she lied to him for her sister.

Manjuri calls Suvarna, she says to her that they have to cancel all the reservations. The family gets scared, Manjuri says to them to not worry as they have to make a booking in jaipur as they have found a place just like Akshu wanted. Manjuri arrives at the hospital and sees Abhimanyu exercising. He hugs her, she says to him that everyone went to the Goenka house. Abhimanyu tells Manjuri anything and asks her if he’s wrong to get angry, she says no it’s worth getting angry.

The police arrive at Goenka’s house. Harshwardhan asks who was driving the car and Akshu says it was her, Arohi looks shocked at her. The police take Akshu with her and she stumbles and is about to fall when Abhimanyu comes and saves her. Abhimanyu says that Akshu is not going anywhere, Akshu looks at him. He says no one is going anywhere, no one will get arrested and looks at Arohi.

Abhimanyu says that he wants to say something before anybody else, he says that he loves Akshu and wants to be married to her. He says but on a condition, that Arohi won’t be present and participate in the wedding rituals. Akshu and the family get shocked. Abhimanyu then holds Akshu’s hand and says that it’s not his wedding alone, so she has to decide if she wants a wedding without Arohi or a life without him.

Manish says to Akshu that she has to take the decision keeping what is right in her mind. He says to her that Arohi is at fault for asking her to hide from Abhimanyu the truth. Abhimanyu sits in the park, Akshu sings from behind with guitar. He stands and Akshu hugs him from behind. He turns and says to her that he is very thankful that she chose him.

Will Arohi attent the wedding?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai”.

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