Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 8th August 2020 upcoming story: Rehaan starts spying on Shayari

The episode starts with Roshni tries to take water from the table. Aman comes there and says to Roshni why you are getting up from bed? I am there for you and will take care of you. Aman gives papaya to Roshni but she thinks she can’t have it due to her pregnancy. She sends Aman to downstairs using a misconception. She keeps all the papaya inside a drawer and behaves as if she ate all. Shayari is trying to dry the wet papers when Rehaan comes there and asks her what she is doing. She says I prepared the files with so much of hard work so I need to prepare them all. Rehaan gets angry with Shayari and asks her to get lost from there.

Rehaan gets his doubt on Shayari and starts to doubt her constantly. Rehaan had some words with Rubina who asks her to keep his eyes open and check if she is wearing any locker or carrying any weapon in her bag? Rehaan comes to the office and checks the bag of Shayari to find out any weapon but all he got was some food items and a half-eaten samosa. Shayari comes there and asks her why he is checking her bag? Rehaan says I am just checking my papers and I got them. He left from there and Shayari gets back to work. Aman is talking to his office manager on call and he opens the drawer to get something when he notices that all the papayas are kept inside the drawer.

He confronted me over this and tries to know why she didn’t have those papayas? Roshni makes a very childish excuse and Aman left from there being half convinced. Rehaan is getting his doubts stronger on Shayari while the other side the real Jinn hunter is preparing herself and is doing touch up of herself with makeup. Roshni is sitting in her bedroom when Aman comes there with a doctor to do the entire checkup of Roshni. She tries to ignore it but Aman insists her and says please do it for my sake. Roshni gets in a dilemma as she wants to safeguard her pregnancy from all. Shayari is in the office and is doing work while Rehaan is remembering the words of Rubina and thinks I need to check the locket of Shayari as well.

Roshni does magic in her room as no one is there to see all these and distracted the doctor. The doctor got confused with the kind of things happening with her and she left without doing proper check-ups of Roshni. Rehaan bends a hanger and makes a string with it and comes near Shayari and tries to check her locket but by mistake, he misplaces his scarf from her body and she gets angry on him for misbehaving with her from the morning without any reason. She says to Rehan that I am noticing from the morning that you are trying to belittle me by doing things out of no reason. She feels sad when Rehaan keeps a dead honey bee there to prove he does what he did to protect her.

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