Anupama 12th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anupama tells that she had left the city and went. Anuj asks where? Anupama says Vadodara, then, at that point, she took the house on lease and locked herself. She says while contemplating your words, I recollected that you had said that web-based channel will be begun. Anuj requested that Anupama make food on the channel and he will sentiment with her and add tadka to the food. She says then I got Joshi behen rasoi thought. Anuj says you recall the thought, yet failed to remember the individual and the sentiment. Anupama says she was not having dare to think. She says she used to send tiffin to advanced age home too. She tells that life had halted for a considerable length of time, and Devika came and pushed her to go (America). Anuj expresses what might be said about the 5 years pause. Anupama figures you didn’t stand by. He asks what you said? He says you needed to lose yourself locking yourself, and I needed to be on the planet and lose myself. He says you were unable to deal with your personality and I was unable to deal with my girl’s aggravation. He says I have left my beginning and end, family and business and came here to America.

Shruti emerges from Spa and calls Anuj. Anuj is lost in contemplations and doesn’t pick the call. Aadhya calls Shruti and asks what they are doing? Spa staff came to give her goggles. Aadhya asks where could they be? Shruti says she was feeling leg torment so went to Spa, requesting that he pause. Aadhya requests that she tell truth. Shruti lets her reality know that Anuj had a gathering. Aadhya is certain that he went to meet Anupama. Shruti hangs tight for Anuj.

Vanraj asks Dimpy for what reason did Titu come there? Dimpy says he came to let me know the very best and requests that he have the CCTV camera looked at and says he didn’t come inside moreover. She says she is certain that he has introduced CCTV cameras in the foundation. Kavya asks Vanraj for what good reason did he keep the camera? Vanraj asks it is for her wellbeing and tells that she never answered back to me along these lines. Babu ji says you ought to have told her in the event that you have kept the camera. Vanraj says it isn’t spy cam, yet normal cam. Babu ji says in the event that relations will undoubtedly be made, it’s not possible for anyone to stop them.

Anuj asks her thought process? Anupama says don’t have any idea where life will take her tomorrow. She says she is figuring out how to live in present as past is troubled. Anuj says I thought you have learnt and says you should contemplate the past. Anupama gets some information about Choti and says Aadhya is a pleasant name. Anuj says Aadhya resembles her mom, and comparable in face and conduct. Anupama says Aadhya loathes me, every one of my kids disdain me, and says that day I met Toshu, Pari and Kinjal. She says Toshu additionally can’t stand me. He gets some information about others. Anupama tells that she didn’t meet them since 5 years, they are in Ahmedabad. She gets some information about him. Anuj says your Kapadia ji’s life finished with you.

Shruti remembers to have her #1 cake, and says she can get fat, however not Shruti Anuj Kapadia, as she must be awesome. Anupama says I believed Choti’s contempt will be less at this point. Anuj says she has outrage and which will liquefy. Anupama says outrage will soften. Anuj says ofcourse like my resentment is liquefy. He says Anu… .there was torment in his heart, a tempest and a mountain since 5 years, when he sees her, this Anuj broke down. Anupama lets him know that Shruti ji is wonderful, I didn’t realize that his AK is you, and tells that she is certain that Shruti will keep you and Aadhya cheerful. Anuj says I can comprehend what you are attempting to say and says lets discuss ourselves. Anupama says the matter is finished. Anuj says until the matter is finished, you can’t go. He demands her not to proceed to pay attention to him. Anupama says I need to go. Anuj yells please. Everybody checks out at them in the eatery. Anuj says I said, please. Shruti is strolling and remembers to call AK in the wake of arriving at the café. Aadhya calls her. Shruti says she will have her #1 cake. Aadhya says I will come there. Shruti says AK will come and asks her not to stress. Aadhya murmurs she have little to no faith in him. She gets stressed figuring Anuj will make her extremely upset. Anupama and Anuj sit to talk.

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