Teri Meri Dooriyan 12th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Mongas visit Brar chateau for Seerat and Angad’s commitment function. Brars invites them. Seerat feels restless seeing Garry hitting the dance floor with his cousins and thinks she really wants to converse with him and stop her commitment with Angad. Manveer tells Santosh that Seerat is looking more gorgeous today and gets some information about her other 2 little girls. Sahiba is in the middle of working at her shop. Kulcha inquires as to why she didn’t go to her sister’s commitment. Sahiba says work is significant and she wants to complete inadequate orders. Keerat brings panipuri and lets Sahiba know that very much like they appreciated pani puri when Sanotsh and Seerat embarrassed Sahiba, they will celebrate nonappearance in their own sister’s commitment function. Sahiba says Keerat looks solid from outside however delicate from the inside. Keerat asks her not to ruin her standing and snickers depicting how ATM Angad’s sibling Go fears her.

Santosh lies tha ther second girl has gone to Mumbai for a conference and her third little girl to a school trip. Bebe says let us start commitment service. Seerat sits adjacent to Angad and apprehensively keeps on checking Angad out. She then strolls to Angad and holds his hand. Everybody are stunned to see that. Garry says she held her hand as she was slipping. She gestures yes. Angad holds her hand and inquires as to whether she is fine. She liberates her hand and says OK, signals Garry to meet him to the side. Angad inquires as to whether he is getting drew in with her desire. Santosh gets strained hearing that and meddles. Seerat lets Angad know that he looks more restless than her.

Bebe and Manveer bring Daarji and salutes him for consideration of another relative. Sovereign asks Manveer where is Inder mom. Angad inquires as to whether she didn’t welcome Inder. Manveer says he doesn’t require greeting for his child’s commitment. Daarji strolls to Manveer and tells her that his better half Japjot kept the family joined with her adoration, then, at that point, Manver and Gurleen earnestly followed their obligation, presently tis her turn. Seerat trusts she weds Angad all things considered. Inder strolls in saying somebody/Daarji could do without his presence, however he isn’t so wanton like his dad to skirt his child’s commitment function. He acquaints himself with Seerat as her eventual FIL. Bebe presents him as her senior child.

Bebe performs chunri function and afterward roka/engagment. She gifts her family accessory to Seerat and says family’s senior DIL gets this neckband and gives to her senior bahu. Seerat reviews Garry giving her a precious stone neckband and mumbles. Angad inquires as to whether she said something. Seerat inquires as to whether he heard anything. He says he felt so. Go jokes on him. Inder gives gift to Seerat next and favors her. Other relatives give their gifts straightaway. They all represents a family photograph. Seerat remains close to Garry. Garry replaces himself with Manveer. Santosh expresses gratitude toward Manveer for a great arrangemnt in a shortspan and says they ought to get done with wedding soon. Manveer inquires as to for what reason is she in such a rush, Darji and Bebe need Angad and Seerat’s wedding following 1 year. Santosh figures her reality will uncover by then, at that point.