Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Amresh conversing with Amba. He says he had vowed to keep the family joined together so how might he break his commitment and let Dhawal go a long way from him. He gives the food to Amba and says he will make the wisest decision in the in the circumstance. Amba begins eating and Amresh expresses appreciation her. He gives her water and says Hetal will bring her medication. He goes first floor, and advises Natasha to make sense of her last arrangement. She says first Amresh should deny then after contention he needs to at long last concur so Dhawal will feel Amrish is evolving.

Pranali tells she figures restoring Dhawal’s confidence will be troublesome. Natasha says to make it more practical Amrish can gift Pranali a medical aid unit. Amresh questions Natasha assuming that her arrangement will really work. The last option says it will work and she won’t take off from Makwana house except if she brings Dhawal back. Natasha and Pranali examine about the scene of facility and improving it. Pranali lets Natasha know that she has done what no other person could. Amba hears their discussion and figures she will get Pranali’s facility shut.

Isha and Chiku let Suman know that she is leaving for cooking class. Dama inquires as to whether they don’t request to rehearse at home when she goes to her group. She advises Isha to cook the Sushi she mastered cooking last day. Isha says Chiku how she will cook it as she doesn’t be aware to cook. Chiku advises her to look on the web and he will really take a look at on the lookout. Amresh advises Bhavin to show up with him in same vehicle however he denies to do so saying he isn’t going along with them as he is against what Pranali is doing.

Bhavin likewise tells that that once Pranali sits in facility, his relationship with her will end. Amba attempts to incite Amrish saying to get one sibling back home he could lose another and solicitations to stop the introduction. Amba thinks Amrish isn’t paying attention to her and she needs to take Bhavin’s assistance. Every one of the women grin seeing Pranali’s name board at facility and take selfie together. Pranali sincerely embraces Natasha for making her fantasies work out. Amba lets Bhavin know that he knows well how one ought to prevent a specialist from rehearsing . Bhavin grins understanding her arrangement.

Hetal lets Natasha know that she will likewise make a good attempt so that Golu’s fantasies satisfy as well. Pranali questions Natasha assuming Dhawal will come . The last option says he ought to. Cart tells that Dhawal loves Natasha a ton and will come due to her. Amba arrives at the center while Natasha searches for Dhawal. Chirag demands Amba not to involve her telephone as the need might arise to stay in gathering with Natasha. Amba continues to be emotional. Later she calls Bhavin and asks on the off chance that he has organized the meds she requested. The episode closes with Dhawal coming to facility and gets blissful seeing it.

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