Yeh Hain Chahatein 12th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Dadi asks Kashvi for what good reason did she stow away? Kashvi says I feel something is off-base and says I really want a few time and that is the reason I lie. She requests that she rest. Kashvi comes to the entryway and says Sushma aunt came here in night and was stressed when the key isn’t found. She thinks Adi is by all accounts concealing something, assuming he is concealing somebody. Following day, Arjun comes to Kashvi and asks what was the deal? Kashvi says she can deal with herself and requests that he control himself. He says that is the reason you was wedding Adi, and expresses stressing for you isn’t in my grasp. Kashvi inquires as to whether you can do anything for me. Arjun says OK. Kashvi gives him key and requests that he make its copy.

Arjun goes. He then, at that point, returns and gives the copies. Kashvi requests that he keep one with him and enquire about it. Arjun inquires as to why? Kashvi says I will tell you, when I look into it. She remembers to give the first key to Adi. Sushma comes to meet Adi and inquires as to whether he lost it, as Kashvi said that she isn’t having the key. She says you realize what can occur assuming that anybody tracks down the keys. Adi says I know. Kashvi comes to the PS and sees Sushma with Adi. She gives the key and chain to Sushma, saying she didn’t know as the constable gave her pocket. She says Dadi saw it today. Sushma takes the key. Kashvi asks this key is of what? Sushma says we have no connection with you, and we won’t tell you. Arjun enquires with the manufacturing plant director about the key. The director says it is made on extraordinary request, it is intriguing and one of a kind. Arjun asks who got it made. The supervisor doesn’t tell due their arrangement.

Arjun comes to Kashvi and tells her beginning and end. He gets some information about the keys. Kashvi says it is Adi’s vital and tells that Sushma aunt came to her home and was stressed for the keys. Arjun says Adi could have kept some young lady hostage in the house. Kashvi says this may be some storage/almira keys and so on. Arjun says no, and tells that he will get data of void houses and will really look at in the houses, as Adi targets void houses. Kashvi and Arjun leave from the workplace. They come to the vacant houses and check, yet don’t track down the house. Kashvi requests that Arjun return home as she don’t believe his significant other should insult her. Arjun flies off the handle and goes.

Kashvi comes to the vehicle/vehicle office and requests that the person tell where this number was found over the most recent 2 months. The person gives her the data. Kashvi says she won’t abuse it. She comes to the spot and opens the lock. She utilizes the key, however observes that the entryway was at that point opened. She gets inside and doesn’t see anybody there. She doesn’t see anybody and says no one is here. She emerges and thinks what is the mystery of this key? She hears somebody singing cradlesong and comes to another house. She goes to that house, opens the entryway and gets inside. She finds the room which is locked, she attempts to open the lock with the vital in her grasp. The entryway opens. Kashvi says this key is of this room. She sees Sushma and Adi’s clone/twin sibling. Sushma asks what you are doing here? The twin Aman requests that she free him and says they have tied me. He then, at that point, gets hyper and requests that she open the rope. Kashvi gets stunned to see nail blemishes on his hands.

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