Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Savi cleaning her hair with a towel. Ishaan is demonstrated to be resting in his room. Savi looks for her English book and spots it under Ishaan’s cushion and she attempts to get it out. Ishaan out of nowhere wheezes and awakens. Ishaan and Savi’s chain get tangled. Ishaan asks Savi what is she doing this near him. Savi says she came here to get the scratch pad that he stowed away. Ishaan remarks on it. Savi takes the scratch pad. Ishaan inquires as to whether she is going to the school. Savi says OK. Savi gets some information about this and says she won’t alter her perspective.

Ashmita asks Shikha what is she thinking. Shikha tells Ashmita that Surekha is attempting to do exactly the same thing that that she did with him. Shikha tells Ashmita that Surekha made her leave her examinations, dance and furthermore made her quit gathering her family members saying Bhosle family women don’t do various things. Shikha says she is feeling frustrated about Savi. Ashmita gets some information about Savi as Savi is a contender and reminds Shikha how Savi countered Surekha.

Shikha and Ashmita later discussion about how Ishaan has upheld Savi and conflicted with Surekha and Yashwant for Savi. Savi hears their discussion and figures out how Ishaan has upheld her. Shikha and Ashmita figure there will be a ton of show today in the event that Savi heads off to college today. Savi hearing this chooses to follow Ishaan’s idea.

Savi comes to Ishaan’s room. Ishaan inquires as to whether she isn’t attending a university. Savi says OK. Ishaan asks Savi for what valid reason is that. Savi says she knows the worth of a family. Savi says in the event that his family won’t be upset in the event that she doesn’t set off for college until the gathering then she doesn’t generally disapprove of it. Savi says generally her concern is that they requested that she leave her investigations. Ishaan concurs.

Ishaan and Reeva pass on to the school. Surekha stops Ishaan and inquires as to whether Savi isn’t going with them. Ishaan says Savi isn’t going with them. Surekha gets astounded hearing this.

Savi sees in the news paper that today there is a class by resigned IPS official Sanjeev at city Library 12 pm
What’s more, she chooses to go to it. Surekha comes to Savi and ridicules Savi assuming she needs anything juice, Badam and so forth. Savi asks Surekha for what reason is she acting like this. Surekha shares with Savi that she thinks this is a lodging as she isn’t accomplishing any work. Savi says her family showed her basically everything with the goal that she can do all alone. Surekha hearing this chooses to test Savi. Surekha brings Savi ground floor.

Surekha shows the mangoes to Savi. Ashmita gives the mango shaper to Savi. Surekha requests that Savi cut all of the mangoes. Savi says there are a great deal of mangoes. Surekha says they set up every one of the pickles in home and they likewise give these things to Yashwant’s companions and remarks on it. Surekha requests that Savi get to work and leave from that point.

Ashmita inquires as to whether she doesn’t feel that she gave a great deal of work to Savi as her one hand isn’t working. Surekha asks Ashmita that Savi will make it happen and there is compelling reason need to stress over her.
Savi has inconvenience in cutting the mangoes. Savi figures how might she go to the course as Surekha won’t permit her to leave before this work is finished.

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