Anupama 12th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Devika asks Anupama for what reason she didn’t inform her concerning Gulati. Anupama expresses what to discuss pointless individuals. Devika says Vanraj and Anuj, are both your ex, however Vanraj pass on no opportunity to embarrass you, and Anuj upholds you. She says I have seen a certain something and inquires as to whether she cares deeply about Anuj. Vanraj looks for his telephone and thinks where did it go? He inquires as to whether he saw his telephone. Ansh says no, I didn’t see your telephone. He expresses swear on you, I didn’t see your call. Kavya thinks Vanraj is possessive about his telephone and don’t maintain that anybody should see. Mahi comes and asks what he is looking? Ansh says his telephone. Mahi tracks down the telephone and provides for Vanraj. Vanraj takes the telephone and goes.

Devika inquires as to whether she lashed out when she found out about Anuj’s choice to wed Shruti. She says how might he wed another person, and says in the event that his adoration was genuine then he could not have possibly continued on. She says when his little girl’s state of mind was awful, he brought you back home to deal with his little girl, instead of employing Caretaker or Medical attendant. She says he is a terrible individual and I simply can’t stand him. Anupama says it was me who left me and went, and inquires as to whether he will hang tight for me all life. She tells that Aadhya’s condition was terrible and that Anuj called her as she is her mom and no other individual could deal with her. Devika says this implies you care deeply about him and requests that she say. Anuj thinks devika would have told me in the event that her vehicle was not working, why she dropped by taxi. He remembers to converse with Anupama about Gulati.

Shruti opens Anuj’s cabinet and takes out his shirt and embraces it. His journal tumbles down. She finds the dry gajra wreath and peruses Anuj’s verse. She frenzies and figures she will go to India, or get back to them. She figures Anuj and Anupama should be tricking Aadhya. Devika requests that Anupama swear on Samar and says that she cherishes Anuj. She inquires as to why you are not saying? Anupama says OK, I love Anuj so much, I love you generally and will adore him after my demise as well. Anuj is going to thump on the entryway and quits hearing Anupama’s admission. Anupama cries. Anuj gets blissful and thinks my Anu loves me even at this point.

Vanraj tells that he needs evidences before the marriage, this marriage can’t occur. He turns and sees Mahi standing. Mahi asks whose marriage can’t occur. Vanraj lies that he was let his companion know that he can’t get his child wed without me. Mahi inquires as to why you are lying Father? vanraj takes steps to send her to lodging. She says she won’t tell and goes. Vanraj thinks it is great that no one heard him.

Anupama says she cherishes him particularly even now, and feels torment when he gets even a scratch. Anuj grins. Anupama says there is one more truth and tells that Anuj has continued on with Shruti, she used to feel torment when she used to see Aadhya and him with Shruti. She says Anuj and Aadhya got the young lady and mother as they needed. She says they are cheerful family, I was unable to keep him blissful, however Shruti will keep him cheerful. Anuj hears her.

Titu requests that Kanha ji help him, and says he needs to say reality, yet is frightened the way in which she will respond. Dimpy comes there and takes him to side. She kisses on his cheek and says this is for preparing delicious food. He says he didn’t realize that she is so heartfelt. She says she will make him make food, and says it is by all accounts a fantasy and is going to enlighten him concerning Samar, however stops.

Anupama says I never attempted to get Anuj back, when he went to Maya for Choti, and even now when he is wedding Shruti for Choti. She says I got deceived and can’t double-cross others. She says Shruti is with Anuj since 4 years and is winding around the fantasy of marriage. She says Shruti took the projectile on herself when it was gone for me, and tells that she won’t let their marriage dropped. She says she simply maintain that Choti and Anuj should be cheerful. She embraces Devika and cries. Anuj hears her and lashes out. Titu lets Dimpy know that he comprehend that Samar was essential for her life. Dimpy says Samar had seen many dreams about Ansh. Titu says we will satisfy everything he could ever hope for. Dimpy requests that he express whatever he might be thinking, and says no one is here. Titu says I need to discuss my past. All of a sudden he gets a call and gets stunned. He lets Dimpy know that his companion met with a mishap and says he will precede sangeet. He goes.

Anupama lets Devika know that she won’t hear from Anuj that he adores her, yet she needs to hear from Choti, and afterward she will carry on with her life. Anuj hears and cries.

Dimpy comes and applies shower on her hyper-extended leg. Kinjal cries and vents out her sentiments. She says I need to areas of strength for be Mummy and overlook Toshu’s insults. She says their connection is like passing and tells that Toshu insults her without a doubt. She says he needs to remain back, yet I need to go for my vocation and future. She says we need to stand firm for ourselves like Mummy.

Anuj considers Anupama and sits out and about. He says I don’t have any idea what will the consequence of this connection, yet I love you Anu and cries.

Precap: Devika sees Anuj. Anuj says Babu ji requested that he pick them. Later during the sangeet, Dimpy hits the dance floor with Kavya, Kinjal. Anuj grins checking Anupama out. Shruti panics as Aadhya doesn’t see her calls.

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