Anupama 11th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anupama believes the present children don’t have any idea and is showing others when they have the age to learn self. Anuj asks Anupama for what reason would she say she is crying? Anupama doesn’t say anything, truly. Anuj inquires as to whether you saw Aadhya, and says she is looking cheerful. He says he maintained that her should blend with everybody and be cheerful, and trusts she fails to remember her experience growing up injury. He inquires as to whether Pari is okay and says he came to be familiar with her from Dimpy. He says Aadhya was disturbed as well, when she came to be aware of it. Anupama asks what you have applied all over. Anuj says this is uptan/face pack, on the off chance that I get some sparkle all over, I will look great, you and me, I and you..

Vanraj attempts to look into the woman. Devika attempts to see as about the number. Vanraj sees her and insults her inquiring as to why she didn’t go to office. Devika insults him back.

The men in charge serves the food to the women. They like the show. Baa inquires as to whether it is requested from outside. Babu ji says why we could have worked? Anuj says even Vanraj has accomplished such a great deal hardwork. Everybody taste the dish and surmise the culinary specialist name wrongly. Anupama tastes the food and says just Anuj can make such scrumptious food. Babu ji says right response. Kavya says just Anupama could figure correctly. Kinjal says we never had food made by Anuj. Anuj requests that she have it now. All at once Gulati comes there. Anupama, Anuj and Toshu get stunned seeing him. Baa says she had met him in Savita’s capability, and tells that he has catering business in Ahmedabad and does a ton of social work. Gulati sees Anupama and says you are here. Babu ji asks do you know my little girl? Gulati says Babu ji, and says your little girl is extremely famous and tells that Flavor and Chutney used to run well, yet not any longer. He tells that he had extended to her an employment opportunity in his café, however she rejected. He says no one can make food like her, bug food.

Vanraj gets some information about Gulati. Toshu says Gulati was envious of zest and chutney and Mummy. Gulati sees Toshu and Anuj and says you both are additionally here. He asks Baa for what reason she provided cooking request to him when Anupama is here. Baa says Anupama is a visitor here. Gulati says he will come at night and goes. Anuj lets Baa know that Gulati is definitely not a pleasant man and tells that he will accomplish something wrong. Vanraj says they will get the providing food from Gulati and contends with Anuj. Anupama says they won’t meddle. Aadhya flies off the handle.

Kinjal gets some information about Gulati. Toshu jokes and afterward says he met him once. He tells that Gulati has the eatery kabab and curry and tells that he ruins other café business and recruits other café best cooks. He says he is a decent finance manager. Kinjal says he is abhorrent. Toshu insults her mom and tells that he is remembering to request that Gulati give him supervisor level work.

Baa tells Babu ji that she had given this saree to Anupama for her first rasoi and afterward she took it back, saying it will be destroyed in kitchen. She says she didn’t let her wear once more, and presently it is demolished. She lets that the error know which she had finished with Anupama, didn’t do with Dimpy. She says she is glad to see her blissful, and tells that she became little girl right away, yet we found opportunity to acknowledge her as our girl. She says she will offer every one of her sarees to Kavya, Dimpy and Kinjal. Babu ji requests that she think.

Anupama thinks about whatever occurred in zest and chutney and frenzies. Anuj thinks Gulati is upto something and remembers to converse with Anupama. Anupama implores God. He looks for Anupama. Aadhya comes infront of Anuj. Anuj says he has throat issue so he came to get lemon grass from Kinjal. Aadhya says Vanraj uncle is so mannerless. Anuj says let the older folks handle, and asks her not to meddle. She says she can’t bear his affront.

Anupama lets herself know that she needs to battle with the world and requests that she handle self. She gets up from the floor and takes God’s name to assuage herself. Aadhya lets Anuj know that she had let him know that they will leave if don’t feel much better. Anuj says on the off chance that Vanraj is here, Babu ji is likewise here. He says we will not leave, as Dimpy will feel awful. Aadhya supposes on the off chance that I demand more, Anupama joshi could enlighten him regarding her securing pari in the storeroom. She concurs.

Precap: Devika stands up to Anupama for her affections for Anuj. Anupama says I love him generally and will adore him even after my demise. Anuj yells and vents out his torment, saying he can’t quit adoring Anu. Devika requests that God allow an opportunity to their connection.

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