Teri Meri Dooriyan 11th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

While getting back with Angad in his vehicle, Akeer asks his versatile. Angad gives him versatile and says he has downloaded many games for him. Akeer begins playing game. Angad asks which game? Akeer says frog game. Gurnoor appreciates visits in mela and purchases inflatables for an unfortunate young lady. Akeer returns Angad’s versatile. Angad inquires as to whether he doens’t have any desire to play game. Akeer no and sits quietly. Angad stops vehicle at a sign and asks how will he become friends with him in the future. Akeer says he would rather not be his companion and runs out of his vehicle. Angad attempts to stop him, yet signal becomes green and he drives vehicle ahead. He leaves vehicle to the side and runs behind Akeer.

Gurnoor hears artists performing at the fair and arrives at there. She prefers their exhibition and herself signs Pehchaan Chupayi Hai.. melody. Crowd partakes in her melody. Akeer additionally runs into mela and is stunned to see his mamma in front of an audience. He attempts to contact her to no end and climbs a stool to check her out. ‘He is going to slip when Angad reaches and holds him. Gurnoor sees hooligan woman and her assistants running towards her and getaways from that point with performers’ guitar. Akeer lets Angad know that he saw mamma singing in front of an audience. He asks performers where did the woman who was singing go. Performer says she took off with their guitar. Angad goes about as looking for Sahiba with Akeer.

Gurnoor escapes from hooligans and takes lift from a scooty proprietor lying that she wants to meet her lying mother. Hooligan woman gets her supervisor’s call who chides her for not getting Gurnoor yet. Angad gets a call from Akeer’s school to come and meet head. He arrives at school and inquires as to whether he followed through with something, and if heh as, he really want not stress as he will save him. Akeer says for that reason he is here. Gurnoor arrives at Akeer’s school to go to a performer educator prospective employee meeting. She considers getting it any expense and attempts to delude a competitor and requests that they secure another position as she gravely needs this work. They deny. She says when they are blissful, positive sentiment chemicals are delivered in their body and the chemicals are delivered regardless of whether they help somebody. They watch her quietly. She begins close to home show.

Precap: Gurnoor is required a meeting. Chief calls Angad. Gurnoor passes simply behind him. Chief asks Angad for what reason he needs to eliminate Akeer from school. Akeer say he would rather not concentrate on in this school. Angad sees Gurnoor singing a tune and strolls to her. He calls her Sahiba. She asks who?