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Anupama 15th September 2023 Written Update Tellytadka, In the beginning, Baa asks Anupama what her enemy is doing in your house. Anupama asks her to see her condition. Baa says she has taken out so much enmity, but today she did a big favor on us. Anupama says we will talk later. She sits down and tries to make her remember her. She asks why you are looking at me as if you don’t know me. Gurumaa gets up. Babu ji says how did this happen. She says I had seen her when Kavya had accident, and then I got busy and didn’t know where to search her. She says I had talked to Nakul and came to know that he has snatched her everything from her and that’s why her condition is this. Anuj says then also she came to drop Pakhi. Baa says first she used to get angry, now feeling sympathy on her. Inspector comes there and asks Anuj if he called him for Romil. Romil apologizes to Anuj and says don’t send me jail, I will apologize to Pakhi. Toshu says you will go to Juvenile home. Romil falls down. Pakhi holds him and says Romil will not go anywhere. Vanraj asks Pakhi if are fine and asks if you know what he has done. Pakhi says I know and tells that she wants to take back the complaint. She says it was a misunderstanding and prank which went wrong. Inspector asks Anuj to come to PS and do the formalities. Baa asks Pakhi if she is not in her senses.

Vanraj says you are saving this criminal. Samar says until then you will save him. Pakhi says I know that Romil has done wrong, his prank could be dangerous. She says he kidnapped me, but kept me at the good place, taken care of my food, and nobody touched me. She says I want to give a chance to Romil, it was a prank which went wrong, he didn’t do a crime. She tells Anupama that you all gave me so many chances, and gave chances to others too, when we can get it then why can’t Romil. She says we shall give a chance to him to correct his mistake. Romil apologizes to her and says I know sorry is a small work. Pakhi says I undertand. Romil calls her Pakhi di and hugs her. He thanks her. Anupama says Pakhi said right that we gave 2nd and 3rd chance to our children, and shall give second chance to Romil also. She says Romil will not get forgiveness easily and has to earn it daily with his behavior. Pakhi says lets celebrate the festival forgetting everything, and says she wants to tie rakhi to papa, her brothers and Romil else my gifts will be left. Anupama says Pakhi is right. Samar and Toshu hugs her. Anupama thinks everything got fine for now, but still needs to handle more. She thanks Kanha ji for giving so much happiness on this day and for the best gift.

Pakhi ties Rakhi to babu ji and makes him eat sweets. He gives her envelope. She then ties rakhi to Vanraj. He also gives envelope. She then ties rakhi to Samar, Toshu, Anuj and then she comes to Romil. Romil says I will become a good brother. Pakhi says I know, that will be the best gift. Anuj tells Anupama that if Pakhi is doing right by giving a second chance to Romil and Adhik. Anupama says Romil can mend his ways, but not Adhik, I don’t trust him. Pakhi ties rakhi to Romil. Anuj asks Anupama, what about Malti Devi? He says if Doctor says that we shall keep her in hospital or medical centre then we shall shift her there. He says I don’t want her to stay with you in Kapadia Mansion after whatever she has done with you, I don’t trust her.

Vanraj, Babu ji, Samar and Toshu are leaving. Pakhi hugs her brothers. Vanraj says he don’t agree with Pakhi and tells that he don’t want her to forgive Adhik and Romil and becoming great. He says our daughter will stay with them under the same roof, I don’t like. Romil looks at the rakhi and thinks he got two sisters at the same time, and kisses the rakhis. Choti Anu comes there and asks you are crying? Romil says I got tears due to happiness, and tells that he will protect Pakhi and her. She asks if like Samar and Toshu? He apologizes to her for being rude sometimes and hugs her.

Adhik tells Barkha that he is very happy that Pakhi is back. He was very scared. Barkha asks him not to do anything wrong. Adhik says he will not do any mistake again. Vanraj tells Anupama that if he could then would have taken Pakhi from here, but father’s rights get less after daughter’s marriage. He asks her to take care of Pakhi. Anupama says don’t worry, Anuj loves her like his own daughter, and her mother is with her. Anuj says we are here, don’t worry. Vanraj says thank you for everything. Anuj says your emotional talks quota is over. Anupama thanks Anuj for being her kids best buddy, for being the best husband and for forgetting his birthday and searching Pakhi. Vanraj says even I can guarantee this.

Anuj thanks them. Baa, babu ji, Vanraj and others leave in the car. Anuj gets a call and tells Anupama about neurologist appointment. They take Guru maa to the doctor. Doctor tells about her illness after doing the test and says she is having dissociative amnesia, which is rare type. Anuj asks about the treatment. Doctor says if you make her remember often then the recovery will be soon. Anupama asks Anuj to listen. Anuj says I respect your feelings, but I still think that it is not safe to keep her at home, we shall get her admitted in hospital or medical care. Anupama says let me try to make her fine, else I will feel burden as I am also responsible for her condition somehow, as I got the plane. Anuj says if you want then I can’t refuse. Anupama says I will go to washroom and come. She goes. Guru maa picks the paper weight and drops on the floor. She is about to keep her foot on it, when Anuj keeps his hand on the paper weight to save her foot from getting injured. Gurumaa calls him beta.

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