Anupama 16th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anuj tells Anupama that Aadhya’s swimming trainer has changed her class plan. Anupama says she recently dozed and can’t go for swimming. Anuj asks will I call the specialist. Anupama tells that Specialist isn’t required, your girl is grown up at this point. He says I realize that her level is expanded. Anupama says she has arrived at development. Anuj is amazed and gets stressed for her. Anupama says it is a typical cycle and each lady go through. Anuj says thanks to her for dealing with her. Anupama says you’ re best pops and will deal with her. He says a dad can’t have mother’s spot. Anupama says now you need to deal with, I’m leaving for café in 60 minutes. Anuj says I will take Shruti to medical clinic for specific infusion, and will return home. Anupama says I will sit with Aadhya till then.

Titu and Dimpy are strolling out and about, subsequent to watching a film. She says she partook in a great deal and used to watch shahrukh khan’s film, first day first show. Titu says I will watch film with you and holds her hand. She says in the event that Baa comes to be aware, she will blow up. He says babu ji knows as we accompanied his authorization. Dimpy says Babu ji is cool, yet Baa. Titu says alright and is going to sit on his bicycle, when the thug opens the vehicle entryway and makes Titu tumbles down. Other thug gets down. Dimpy recognizes the thug and gets frightened.

Anupama implores God for her eatery resuming. Yashdeep sends her all the best. Anupama additionally wishes him. Aadhya feels stomach agony and tells Anupama. Anupama makes her lay on the bed and makes her wear earphone. Yashdeep calls her and tells that similarly as eatery began, numerous clients came, there are numerous clients. He asks where could you be? She says she is currently at home, as Choti is unwell. She says she will come, similarly as Anuj comes. Yashdeep says today is the principal day, you will be here. Anupama expresses how to let her be. He closes the call. The client asks where is Anupama, we have come to have food made by her,

Titu lets the hooligans know that he would rather not include in contention or battle. Dimpy requests that he come. The thug requests that his hooligans handle the legend and says he will deal with champion and will gain old experiences anew. The thugs assault Titu. Titu battles with them and requests that Dimpy run. The thug is going to contact Dimpy. Adhik comes there and holds his hand, and tells that the hand will be broken who contacts a lady without her desire. The two of them beat the hooligans. Every one of them take off. They track down Dimpy oblivious out and about. Titu tells Adhik that Dimpy had frozen seeing the thug and didn’t run. Adhik gets stunned. Vikram asks where could Anupama be? Yashdeep says I called, yet.

Adhik awakens Dimpy. Dimpy acquires cognizance yelling to leave her. Adhik says I’m Adhik. She gets some information about Titu. Adhik says he went to get water. Dimpy says Titu is familiar with Samar, however had barely any insight into that occurrence.

Anupama tells Yashdeep, that Anuj arrived behind schedule so she got late and asks him not to stress, and says she will make food. Yashdeep says here additionally you are required. He requests that she recollect that she made the café open and presently she must be cautious and doesn’t let it shut.

Anupama is going to go to kitchen. Kinjal, Toshu and Pari come there. Anupama requests that they tell quick. Toshu says when you can accomplish the work, why can’t I. He requests that what accomplish the work. Anupama gets some information about the work. She petitions God for Toshu. Kinjal and Pari leaves. Anupama requests that Yashdeep excuse her. She gets Anuj’s call and picks it. Anuj says Aadhya is in torment and Shruti is resting subsequent to having medication, and requests that what do? Anupama requests that he quiet down, and requests that he heat up the kada and provide for Aadhya, and requests that she keep warm pack on stomach. Toshu wears server’s uniform, and lashes out. Anupama requests that he feel that it will be the beginning for his better future. She causes him to eat curd sugar. He takes her gifts. Rahul flies off the handle.

Dimpy lets Adhik know that she will tell truth to Toshu. He inquires as to whether you are distraught to dig the past. She says Samar had some awareness of it and I would rather not conceal a single thing from Titu. Adhik says Samar was unique, yet we don’t have the foggiest idea how he will respond. She says she won’t conceal a single thing from him, he will be shock, yet won’t surrender. She says Titu conceals nothing from me, and even I won’t conceal a single thing from him. Titu gets stunned and asks when did he liberated from prison and where could he presently be?

Babu ji advises Baa that they had headed out to watch film and they met Adhik en route to have food. Baa says she is frightened till the marriage occurs. Rahul watches out for Toshu. Vikram asks Rahul what was the deal? Rahul says Toshu doesn’t be aware to hold the plate and landed position and compensation like us and says nepotism is happening here. Vikram says Anupama would have made him director, in the event that nepotism had occurred. He says he is MBA and is beginning without any preparation. Rahul requests that Toshu take the request. Toshu says he got a call and goes. Anupama sees him playing game and requests that he come inside and get routine to work. Yashdeep comes there. Anupama requests that he give a days to Toshu to change.

Precap: Anupama says this prize is the character, everything being equal. A few correspondents and individuals come to the eatery and embarrass Anupama. Yashdeep faults Anupama. Vanraj says I told that she can’t deal with progress. She is tossed out of the café.

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