Pandya Store 16th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Naveli faulting Dhawal for startling Bittu. Dhawal flies off the handle. Pranali takes Naveli to the room. Hetal begins doing a show. She cries and faults Natasha. Natasha sings Tu jo rootha… . Shantanu consoles her. Hetal says she could have seen the children in Mumbai, so she has returned to govern in Makhwana house. She requests that Amba follow through with something. Amba thinks they need me now when Natasha has come. Hetal says I lost Amrish, I can’t lose Golu. Shantanu says Tai, we can’t take her anyplace, she can’t travel, she isn’t fine. Tai says you will lose everything. He says I can lose everything for her one grin. He makes Natasha rest. Hetal says request that your child make her out of here. Amba asks what are you talking about, take a gander at Natasha’s condition, how might I make her out. Cart thinks how can Amba support Natasha. Shantanu comes and says I don’t have the foggiest idea about your association with Bittu, at whatever point she gets assaults, we need to keep her on the double spot, I demand you to save her for a couple of days. Dhawal says I can’t let you go. Hetal furiously goes. Naveli says I need to go to Bittu. Pranali stresses. She says we will do painting, come, I will get colors. Bunty cries. Naveli requests that she proceed to deal with him. Pranali says you will do painting with me. Naveli says no, I will do it with Bittu. She goes. Pranali says I need to prevent Naveli from going to Natasha. Natasha plays. Naveli comes and shows the tones. She requests that Bittu sit and draw. She embraces Natasha and says Bittu isn’t playing with me, Dhawal fouled up with my companion.

Dhawal and Shantanu contend. Dhawal says your Bittu demolished my life, don’t divide us. Naveli gets a container whenever hued water. Shantanu snickers and asks didn’t you see her, she can’t demolish your life. Dhawal says I saw her, I will hold on until she gets fine. Shantanu asks what’s your connection with her. Dhawal says she is my better half. Shantanu is stunned.

Naveli tosses water at Dhawal. Dhawal thinks did she hear it. Naveli says sorry, you admonished my companion, so I have placed water on you. She goes. Naveli comes to meet Natasha. Tai asks Bittu not to go anyplace outside. Naveli sees Dhawal coming and stows away. Natasha falls in Dhawal’s arms. Shantanu reviews Bittu. He embraces Tai and cries. She asks what occurred. He says Bittu is Dhawal’s better half. She is stunned.

She says Bittu didn’t turn into yours. He says she is mine now, how did he respond that Bittu has become that way, Bittu is mine.

Shantanu asks how did you manage Bittu. Dhawal says she is Natasha. Shantanu says she is my Bittu and I m taking her.

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