Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Ruhi requesting that Armaan see it once. He asks what. Vidya prepares and comes. Everybody grins seeing her. Ruhi says you are blissful, right. Armaan says OK, Abhira will go distraught seeing her like this. Vidya sees Armaan and Ruhi. Ruhi gets the telephone, keys, handkerchief and wallet for Armaan. Vidya grins. Armaan says thanks to Ruhi and goes. Ruhi thinks I have found an answer, I will enlighten Maa concerning us. Abhira is at the sanctuary. She appeals to Matarani for her schooling and vocation. Vidya and Ruhi come to the sanctuary. Vidya says everybody will come. Abhira supplicates there. Vidya asks Ruhi for what reason are you stressed. Ruhi says before Rohit and my marriage, Armaan and I were enamored and Armaan forfeited his affection for the good of Rohit. Vidya is stunned and drops the aarti plate. Abhira surges away. Ruhi requests that Vidya pay attention to her. She says Armaan loves you every one of the a ton, he couldn’t ever have held my hand by harming Rohit. Vidya says you both were under a similar rooftop. Ruhi says we remained as companions, we never broke the cutoff points, I needed to remain content with Rohit, yet destiny grabbed him, presently Armaan and Abhira are getting separated, Manish and Dadisa believe that I should remarry, I would rather not take off from this house, Armaan and my Maa. Vidya asks what is it that you need to say. Ruhi cries and says I need to wed Armaan. Vidya is stunned. Abhira searches for concede card for the test. Sanjay asks what, who moved the cash to Krish. He closes call and says Manish moved the cash, Krish is asking outcasts. He chides Kajal. She says we will return the cash to Manish. He says I will show a thing or two to Manish today. She stresses. Armaan calls her and asks did the puja start. She says there is a major issue. She lets him know everything. He says I will deal with everything, simply finish mum and father’s puja well. Vidya sees Ruhi. Pandit requests that Madhav and Vidya do aarti. They do the aarti. Sanjay comes to Goenka house and yells Manish Goenka… .

He furiously kicks a blossom jar and yells. Manish comes and looks on. Abhira says I need to return to get the card. Ruhi comes and gives the card. She says I got this fallen inside. Abhira says let me know what befell you, conceal nothing. Ruhi says really… . Disregard it, its not a huge deal. They want to enjoy all that life has to offer to one another. Ruhi goes.

Vidya hears Kajal informing Manoj and Manisha concerning Armaan going to deal with Sanjay. Manisha says you ought to have told us rather than Armaan, we ought to contemplate him. Sanjay and Manish contend. Manish says I m simply helping Krish in satisfying his fantasy, he is a hero, he wants support, we can’t anticipate a single thing from you. Sanjay flies off the handle. Armaan comes and stops Sanjay. He says you have crossed the cutoff, it will be better that you leave. Sanjay chides him. Armaan says you believe that your child should lose and he falls in your foot, support him, he is gifted, you can’t see his abilities. Sanjay says he needs to move and bring in cash, you maintain that I should uphold him. Manish says Krish didn’t beseech me, I requested that he take my assistance, he said he will bring cash back. Armaan requests that Sanjay apologize to Manish. Sanjay says Manish needs to apologize to me. Manish says when I m right, I don’t twist before anybody, I excuse you this time. He requests that Sanjay leave. Sanjay goes. Armaan apologizes to him. Manish insults him about fouling up with Ruhi and Abhira. He says you don’t understand how you managed Abhira. Abhira says I will tie this chunri, tests will work out positively. Ruhi thinks I came clean, kindly persuade Maa. Abhira petitions God for Armaan’s satisfaction. They hear Dadi and Vidya talking. Vidya says after Armaan and Abhira’s division, we ought to get Ruhi and Armaan wedded. Abhira is stunned. Ruhi cries cheerfully. Vidya says Armaan committed no error, aside from one, wedding Abhira, we assisted him with correcting this misstep, Ruhi can improve his life, I picked Ruhi for Armaan, yet I took Rohit’s proposition on your platitude, Armaan and Ruhi are separated from everyone else, in the event that they get together, what’s awful in it, I think they… . Dadi disappears.

Armaan says I m wedding Ruhi. Abhira eliminates the mangalsutra and salutes him. She leaves.