Yeh Hain Chahatein 16th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The hooligans alongside Adi beats Arjun and makes him seriously harmed. Raunaq Sir lets Kashvi know that the test will begin in 10 mins. Kashvi says Arjun should be coming. Aditya requests that the thugs beat Arjun more. Raunaq asks Kashvi where is Arjun, as it is 11 am currently. Kashvi says he should reach and says she will call him. She calls him. Arjun blacks out subsequent to getting seriously harmed. Aditya sees Kashvi’s call and tosses the telephone. He eliminates his protective cap and tells oblivious Arjun that he has broken his hand and presently he can’t compose the test. Kashvi asks Raunaq sir, on the off chance that she will call Jagdish. Raunaq says compelling reason need, it is 11:15 am presently, and it isn’t our work to call family and gets some information about area. Aditya comes there and inquires as to whether Arjun didn’t come. He tells that Arjun haven’t esteemed the opportunity and Kashvi’s trust.

Vishal comes to meet Mahima and tells her that he was utilizing her, similarly as she was utilizing him. Mahima says we were going to wed. Vishal inquires as to whether I will wed you, even subsequent to knowing how you was with Arjun and the amount you grieved him, and afterward additionally I will wed you. He giggles at her, and inquires as to why you are crying. He says you needed extravagant life and I needed to utilize you. He says I came to request that you empty this room till morning, else this lodging staff will toss you out, similar to my mom had tossed you. Mahima says I went out and Dadi’s home for yourself and asks him to avoid this. He says I didn’t ask you, and asks him to checkout before sun-up.

Raunaq Sir tells that it is 12 now, and tells that they have hung tight for him for 60 minutes, presently the test will be dropped. Kashvi requests that he tune in. All of a sudden they see Arjun coming there harmed. Kashvi causes him to sit and asks what occurred. Aditya figures how could he came to? Arjun tells her that 4 bikers had come and beaten him without question. Kashvi says we have get the blameworthy rebuffed. Aditya says how could you arrive at here, even after such countless wounds. Arjun says an unassuming person saved me. A fb is shown, the person stops his bicycle and comes to Arjun, making him come to his cognizance. He says he will take him to emergency clinic. Arjun requests that he take him to common instructional hub and tells that today is his test, else his life will be demolished. Fb closes. Arjun requests that Raunaq sir allow him an opportunity as he battled with them and arrived at here with much trouble. Raunaq inquires as to whether you are correct given and says how you will compose the test, it appears to be your hand is broken. Arjun demands to compose the test, however he was unable to compose anything. Adi says you can’t do, yet will attempt. Raunaq Sir tells that the test will be dropped, as you can’t compose the test. Arjun says no. Kashvi tells that she will end up being his essayist, and will compose anything he says. Aditya says author will know nothing and he will top the test on the off chance that Kashvi composes the test and we can’t permit this. Kashvi says I won’t include even full stop my own. She requests that Raunaq sir call Inspector here, and requests that he be there as the observer. She asks him not to grab the open door from Arjun. Raunaq Sir says alright.

Analyst comes there. Kashvi expresses now there will be absolute straightforwardness that no cheating is finished here. Analyst says you have 3 hours now. Kashvi requests that Arjun direct the response and she will compose. He directs the responses and she composes. Yeh hain chahatein plays… ..Arjun sees Kashvi’s hand in torment and stops. Kashvi requests that he say the response. He signs alright.

Mahima comes to Dadi’s home. Dadi says you are here. She asks what you are doing here. Mahima says I’m destroyed, let me stay here for not many days. Dadi asks her not to cry her opportune tears infront of her and requests that she leave.

Mahima comes to Arjun’s home and meets Romila. She tells her that Vishal sold out her and tossed her out of his home. She requests that she acknowledge her. Romila says this is your home, and requests that she come inside. Jagdish says this isn’t your home and requests that she come inside. Jagdish comes there and says this isn’t your home. He asks where were you when Arjun and Karun required her. He requests that she get out.

The analyst says time is up and requests that Kashvi offer the response sheet. Kashvi gives him answer sheet. The inspector checks his responses and tells that Arjun has composed has every one of the responses right, and tells that he doesn’t believe that the previous response sheet was really his. Raunaq says you said right and says he will set up examination group, drove by Kashvi. He tells that Arjun’s test is conceivable due to Kashvi. He shows him answer sheet and tells that Kashvi told that Arjun used to compose Y as reviled, yet here it is straight. Arjun inquires as to whether she recollects. Kashvi gestures yes. Raunaq Sir values Kashvi for saving Arjun’s life and one year and salutes Arjun. Aditya compliments him and goes upset. Kashvi says she will take him to medical clinic.

Mahima is coming and finds the pack lash broken. She hauls the pack and sits, as the downpour begins. Somebody gives her foundation. She blows up and tells that she has destroyed her life, however her story has not finished, she will do such countless things.

Precap: Kashvi cuffs Aditya and the vehicle tumbles down the precipice. Specialist tells that he has head injury and that is the reason he sneaked through unconsciousness. Kashvi faults herself for cuffing him.

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