Anupama 1st December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Titu flying off the handle at the circumstance which is continually causing Dimpy to endure without it being her shortcoming.

Titu begins moving forcefully as he recollects how Vanraj cautioned him to avoid Dimpy and Dimpy crying as she can’t take the weight of being scrutinized without fail.

While moving, Titu sits on the floor toward the end heaving for air when Anupama enters the institute and passes her water container to Titu while grasping the circumstance.

In the interim, Dimpy ponders going to classes yet recollects how Vanraj had cautioned her the earlier night which makes her waver.

Dimpy lets her child know that she is attempting to be just about as cheerful as conceivable however nobody maintains that her should grin truly which is discouraging.

Anupama assists Titu with standing up when they sit across one another and begin discussing what happened the earlier evening.

Titu begins shielding himself and Dimpy, saying that they are just companions and he took Dimpy to pay attention to music as she prefers it yet Vanraj has misread what is going on.

Anupama requests that Titu inhale first and informs him that she realizes that he stresses concerning Dimpy and has no awful expectations toward her except for it should be perceived that the manner in which he and Vanraj believe are unique.

Titu should think Vanraj is off-base while Vanraj imagines that Titu is off-base which is a direct result of the discernment, adding that he should not lose his cool thus.

Anupama tells Titu that Dimpy’s circumstance is much more delicate and that it appears to be that he should give their kinship somewhat additional opportunity to develop upon others with time elapsing all alone.

Titu comprehends what is going on while Dimpy attempts to converse with Vanraj or Leela however nobody appears to pay attention to her when Kavya advises Dimpy that she really wants to have faith in Anupama for the present.

Somewhere else, Barkha cautions Malti Devi that she really wants to accomplish something before Anupama makes any move, leaving Malti Devi pondering her next plan.

Afterward, Anupama comes to a café with Anuj, a skim him on the off chance that he called her earnestly to eat a feast together and Anuj answers with a yes.

Anuj endeavors to be heartfelt and kisses Anupama on her hand while she whines about the expense of the food and reminds him about purchasing vegetables while returning home.

Seeing Anuj get surly, Anupama apologizes and kisses Anuj’s hand after which they witness a little kid reproving an old server who has erroneously dropped water on her dress.

The young lady sprinkles water on the elderly person’s face and even attempts to slap him when Anuj and Anupama mediate and request that the young lady act a piece modestly.

Anuj involves his power as a posh financial specialist and asks the powerhouse young lady to express sorry to the elderly person with whom she has acted so gravely.

The young lady apologizes to the elderly person before everybody subsequent to getting compromised which causes Anuj and Anupama to feel better.

End of Anupama the present episode composed update.

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