Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Nishikant inquiring as to whether his advance notice will affect Swanand and Reeva.

Yashwant lets him know that assuming that Swanand knows any better, he will steer his girl and run in one more bearing as he most likely is aware the way in which he is with his adversaries.

All of a sudden, the chime rings when Surekha and others are stunned to see Reeva extremely close to home.

On being asked what she is doing there, Reeva advises Surekha that she has come to apologize to Ishaan and every other person for leaving them in a stagger.

Then again, Savi is fretful in her room, pondering Ninad and gets up to concentrate on one of Ishaan’s books when she tracks down Ishaan’s old letter in it.

Ishaan words rouse her as it say that one is rarely alone and somebody is dependably with them.

Savi’s considerations go to Ishaan and she reviews his peculiar conduct today, causing her to send him a message inquiring as to whether he is okay.

Somewhere else, Surekha advises Reeva to get out as there can be no connection with her any longer.

Reeva implores her to pardon her while Surekha tells her that she has a condition on the off chance that she needs her absolution.

Surekha breaks the jar and advises Reeva to fix it and on the off chance that she deals with that, she will excuse her.

Reeva stands befuddled while Surekha tells her that their relationship resembles this wrecked jar after how she treated her and the family.

Reeva gathers the pieces and tells Surekhashe will definitely check it out.

She cuts her hand while getting the piece, Ishaan steps advances in stress however quits reviewing her grinning face at the air terminal.

All of a sudden Swati and Swanand come there and Yashwant advises them to bring their girl back home or he should rebuff her.

Nonetheless, Reeva lets Yashwant know that her dad could fear her going to prison or whatever other discipline that he will give her however it doesn’t unnerve her on the grounds that the a half year that she has spent separated from Ishaan is the most over the top excruciating time and nothing can top it.

She goes to Surekha and tells her that she will make an honest effort to fix the jar since she will make an honest effort to reignite the relationship that is keeping her alive.

Seeing Reeva leave, Ishaan gets back to her and accompanies a container that contains mementoes from the time they were together.

Reeva becomes glad to see such countless things that Ishaan has saved including the chocolate bundle that he ate when she left her.

He tells her that he has saved everything in the expectation they can restart their relationship yet when she makes him extremely upset, she ruins all that and obliterates all expectations.

He tells her that his heart isn’t similar to this messed up container that she can fix nor will he succumb to her in the future.

Ishaan gives up the container to her and advises her to go as there is no future for them together.

Swati and Swanand feel embarrassed and drag Reeva away.

In the interim, Surekha feels misery to see Ishaan so distressed while Asmita tells Surekha that Reeva truly feels sorry and they ought to allow her a subsequent opportunity.

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