Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Surekha calling Ishaan when Anvi lets Surekha know that the food is prepared, however Surekha requests that they hang tight for Ishaan’s appearance.

Anvi states how Ishaan is upset by some young lady named Guddi’s declaration driving Nishikant to express that he missed his speakers as well.

Hearing this, Surekha is shocked while Anvi questions that Reeva is back, making Surekha express that Reeva won’t return leaving her vocation.

This makes Surekha fault Savi for Ishaan’s vanishing while Yashwant asks Surekha for what good reason she is including Savi however she doesn’t tune in.

Surekha requests that Durva call Savi to learn about Ishaan’s whereabouts when Ishaan gets back.

She requests that Ishaan come to have food however Ishaan states that he isn’t ravenous and leaves for his room, causing Surekha to follow Ishaan.

Inside, Surekha demands Ishaan explain to her why he is vexed making, Ishaan uncover to Surekha about Reeva being back.

Ishaan states how Reeva proposed to him in school and states he doesn’t have any idea what to do, making Surekha express that she knows what to do.

A short time later, Swati tells Swanand that Reeva is ruining her life and requests that he stop Reeva during which Swanand accepts Yashwant’s call.

Swathi requests that he go to the call and put it on speaker driving Yashwant to caution Swanand to get Reeva far from Ishaan.

Yashwant takes steps to stop a provocation body of evidence against Reeva to Swanand and afterward, breaks his telephone out of resentment.

This causes Swati to request that Reeva gather their packs for their takeoff yet Reeva doesn’t consent to it.

Swanand then, at that point, requests that Reeva gather her sacks as Yashwant has undermined them that he could do anything.

He states about understanding what Yashwant can do and requests that Reeva enjoy some time off from her investigations and remain with them, accordingly stamping it as last and leaving.

At the inn, Savi calls Vinayak to learn about Ninad’s circumstance, however from the opposite side, Vinayak chides Savi and asks her for what good reason is she calling him.

Savi gets some information about Ninad’s circumstance, making Vinayak express that Ninad is in Alzheimer’s last stage and he remembers nothing.

Vinayak states that no one can deal with him while he reprimands Savi for going out and asks her not to call him once more.

Meanwhile, Swanand and Swati discuss Yashwant compromising them after which Swati comes to Reeva’s room.

To Swati’s shock, she observes that Reeva is missing and cautions Swanand about it who then, at that point, comes inside and tracks down a note.

Swanand peruses the note left by Reeva, expressing that she has understood her misstep and is attempting to address it, making Swati and Swanand briskly leave.

Afterward, Ishaan awakens and sees Reeva, who advises Ishaan that regardless of his endeavors to deny her presence, he can always remember her.

Ishaan screamingly requests that Reeva get out driving him to see his appearance in the mirror and comprehend that he was dreaming.

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