Anupama 1st March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anuj inquires as to whether Vanraj said that. Anupama says OK, she gave him a befitting answer; she would rather not lash out and reprove somebody, yet Vanraj threatens her to do as such. Anuj says they shouldn’t worry about individuals’ perspective until they realize that they are correct, he knows his Anupama and it doesn’t influence her. Anupama says even it didn’t influence her, yet she lashed out as Mr Shah esteems just himself. She discusses the worth of marriage and with unwaveringness in marriage being one among 16 characteristics in an individual. She says she simply needs to avoid Vanraj and goes to Shah house for her youngsters. She lies on his shoulder and says she feels great now as they had guaranteed each other not to conceal anything from one another. Anuj feels remorseful reviewing concealing outing night occurrence on Maaya’s demand. Anupama asks Anuj what he needed to say. Anuj reviews the entire occurrence once more.

Maaya feels better reviewing Anuj safeguarding her from her significant other Sampath and thinks she at absolutely no point ever imagined that she would become hopelessly enamored in the future; the manner in which Anuj stood represent her and let her visit for multi month more, she is certain he additionally enjoys her and comprehended that no one but she can give time to Little Anu and not Anupama. She gets a call. Anupama asks Anuj what is irritating her to such an extent. Anuj expresses sorry for not taking her along for outing. Anupama says its something different. Anuj apprehensively says this is the main issue, he is feeling remorseful since yesterday. He gets office call and picks it. Anupama signals she will serve food and leaves. Anuj thinks he realizes he is basically on the right track and fears on the off chance that Anupama doesn’t comprehend him, he cherishes her colossally and needs to safeguard her.

Kavya comes to meet Maaya. Anupama strolls to her and inquires as to whether everything is okay at home. Kavya says OK, she just came to meet Maaya. Anupama goes to plan espresso for them. Kavya apologizes Maaya for Vanraj’s benefit and vows to keep her own and proficient lives independent. Maaya says she needed to reshoot with another mother and lost both time and cash. Maaya says she is upset for that and says men feel shaky and go overboard. Maaya says at times even ladies conceal things. Kavya says she shouldn’t have given more abilities to Vanraj to control her life; she cherished him gigantically, yet he doesn’t adore her by any means. Maaya says Vanraj loves her and left Anupama for her. Kavya says Vanraj actually cherishes Anupama, their science and solace level areas of strength for is; there isn’t anything in that frame of mind for Vanraj, Vanraj changes when he is around Anupama which even his folks took note. She says now she needs to work with her ex Anirudh who is an old buddy and stands close by consistently. She is sorry for imparting her own life to her.

Maaya says it works out and some of the time its not in their grasp. She admits that she is enamored with Anuj. Kavya inquires as to whether she has gone frantic. Maaya says its valid and portrays outing episode. Kavya inquires as to whether Anupama is familiar with it. Maaya says she and Anuj chose not to illuminate anything to Anupama, it was a feeble second which simply occurred. Kavya says Anuj and Anupama conceal nothing from one another, she is certain Anuj would have informed Anupama. Maaya says she is certain he didn’t, that implies he too.. Anupama strolls to them and asks all is well. Maaya thanks god that Anupama didn’t pay attention to their discussion or probably she would have removed her from the house at the present time. She lies that they were discussing the issue Vanraj made at the set. Anupama gets some information about it and appreciate espresso.

Anuj vents out his dissatisfaction on his representative for not finishing work on time. Ankush inquires as to why he is vexed, on the off chance that something occurred with Maaya at excursion. Anuj says he isn’t similar to Ankush who keeps a spouse at home and eyes on one more lady outside. Ankush says he realizes he is flawed and his sibling is awesome however, so he needs to realize what’s going on in his sibling’s life. Anuj apologizes him. Anuj says its certainly an issue with Maaya. Anupama goes to get cake for Kavya and Maaya. Kavya asks Maaya how might she act so typically. Maaya says love gave her certainty and asks her not to illuminate anybody about it. Maaya recommends her not to get into a responsibility of breaking somebody’s home, which she is looking till now; Anupama is sufficiently caring to believe Maaya and keep her at home, Anuj would have removed her from the town at this point; she demands not to break Anupama’s trust, Anuj sat tight for Anupama for quite a long time and loves just Anupama, Maaya shouldn’t commit an error Kavya made or, more than likely she will lose even her little girl.

Maaya says she makes her own destiny and not Kavya, basically Kavya ought to grasp her. Kavya says Vanraj cherished Kavya and Anuj loves Anupama hugely. The fact that Anuj loves her hugely makes that what anupama hears and says her correct. She serves cake and asks how is it. Maaya says its benefit. Kavya feels remorseful and says got some significant work and needs to leave now. Anupama requests that she illuminate Leela that she isn’t coming to Shah house today as she is going on excursion with Anuj and Little Anu. Kavya embraces her and cries. Anupama thinks she is stressed over work and says all that will be okay.

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