Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Abhi saying I can do anything for Ruhi, I will satisfy all her desires, I will make an honest effort, I m profound about her, I have pondered this choice, I realize we have a stuff with us, I need to live for my commitments, my obligations, I was silly previously, life showed me, it will not reoccur. Kairav says you are making another commitment, you were unable to keep the old commitments. Manish requests that Kairav get out. He says I m truly sorry from Kairav’s side. Abhi says no, I m sorry, this ought to have not occurred, Kairav has a right, I don’t feel terrible of his words, yet he ought to know how to talk. Aarohi asks Manish do you concur. Manish says my response is no, sorry, I realize you will choose for their advancement, yet no, I can’t say OK. She says joy is holding up at the entryway. Manish says I might want to think prior to giving my girl. Abhi embraces him and says thanks to him. He says take time and consider it, you can definitely relax, the matter won’t go on until you say OK, we will go at this point. He requests that Aarohi stay back. He gets down on Ruhi.

Abhir and Ruhi come. Abhi requests that they grin. Aarohi requests that Ruhi return home with Abhi. Abhir embraces him. Birlas leave. Akshu sees Aarohi. Ruhi dozes in the vehicle. Manjiri says you and Aarohi chose this with trouble. Abhi says not currently, we will return home and talk. Aarohi blows up on Kairav. Suwarna requests that she quiet down. Aarohi cries and inquires as to for what reason did this occur.

Manish embraces Akshu. He is sorry to Abhinav. Abhinav says don’t do this, Kairav’s displeasure has love in it. Suwarna quiets down Aarohi. Akshu says it’s really not necessary to focus on the past, yet the present, its about Ruhi and Aarohi’s lives, Aarohi is picking a dad for Ruhi, a lady can commit an error in picking an accomplice, however not in picking a dad for her youngster. Manish asks do you concur, tell me. Suwarna requests that Aarohi quit crying. She says we can settle this matter. Aarohi says I m frightened of kairav. Abhi says we chose to talk after Dadi’s birthday, for what reason did you do this, you ruined her birthday.

Mahima says we needed to say it at some point. Abhi says we planned to say after the birthday. Manjiri inquires as to for what reason will I falter in telling about your marriage. He says I m their child, I feel remorseful, they all didn’t merit this, its the ideal opportunity for Ruhi to rest, we will talk later. He goes. Mahima says Manjiri, you were unable to endure seeing Akshu content with her family, so you told them, right. Manjiri says OK, I needed to let them know that my child is likewise continuing on, my child isn’t powerless, they were seeing him with contempt or pity, Kairav accused Abhi, my child has an option to continue on and get bliss. Mahima asks what’s the assurance that this show will not reoccur. Anand says she is correct, will they acknowledge this connection, I couldn’t say whether this is correct or not. Mahima requests that Manjiri reconsider. Manjiri says enough. Mahima says I can’t see another show this time. Parth says even I concur. Abhi hears them. Anand requests that Manjiri think well and choose. Kairav expresses its about Aarohi, make sense of her. Manish says think well and say. Kairav says sorry, Abhinav ji and Akshara, sorry ahead of time, I have no choice, its about Aarohi, Akshu understands marrying Abhi. Abhinav says I demand you to watch out for Akshu’s sentiments, she shouldn’t get injured. Kairav gestures.

He says I don’t have the foggiest idea how often will this family get injured by a similar stone, first Akshu and presently Aarohi, in the event that Aarohi weds that man, she will be vexed. She asks however Ruhi. He says Ruhi is a youngster, we need to think, this connection isn’t ideal for Aarohi. Akshu says Aarohi could remain blissful. He says you would have not been in Kasauli today in the event that any individual could remain content with him, on the off chance that Aarohi doesn’t choose right, then, at that point, perhaps satisfaction won’t allow her another opportunity, it relies upon you, choose, I give this obligation to you, save your sister. She says no, sorry, I don’t think Aarohi is in harm’s way. He says I stress for her. She says she isn’t a youngster now, how might you accept our choice is off-base. He asks how could you know. She says I likewise chose a certain something and I m cheerful in Kasauli. Abhinav grins. She makes sense of him Aarohi’s choice. She says I will regard her decision. Aarohi hears this.