Anupama 23 December 2020 Written Update – Rakhi’s late arrival bother the Saha’s

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama tells everyone that she got the job again. Lila says but now who will handle household work. Kinjal asks they will manage household work. Lila says but she doesn’t know how to do it as her mother didn’t teach her anything. Kinjal asks why she always takes her mother’s name in between their matter. Lila says she will bring her name that which right. Kinjal is trying to say something but Anupama stops her. She says she will manage everything.

Hansmukh says they will do their own work and that’s how they can help Anupama. Everyone agrees with it. Samar meets Nandni and calls her Nandu. Nandni asks why he calls her Nandu. Samar says she just feels like calling her like so. He asks if she doesn’t like it. Nandni says no she feels good hearing that. Samar and Nandni spent a good time. There Kinjal is trying to help Anupama but she falls. Anupama laughs saying don’t do it.

Pakhi notices their good moment and thinks that Anupama is giving all her love to Kinjal while ignoring her but Vanraj never ignores her. She comes to Anupama and tells her that she wants to go to Vanraj. Anupama says they only have one room in their house thus she should come earlier. Pakhi says they will manage so don’t worry. There, Vanraj meets his new boss and tells him his problem. His boss taunts her which shocks Vanraj. Kavya asks Vanraj to tell Lila that he can’t put money on Paritosh’s marriage.

Vanraj says why, he tells her that even his job is laying in though spot still he will spend money. Kavya taunts him and leaves. Later everyone is waiting for Rakhi. She came to 10:30 o’clock. Lila gives her a list and asks her to apply these conditions. Rakhi asks what about her. She wants everything best at her daughter’s wedding. She asks Anupama if she doesn’t want the same. Anupama says she just wants children’s happiness that’s it. Rakhi thinks she needs to convince them for a grand wedding to execute her plan.

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