Yeh Hain Chahtein 23 December 2020 Written Update – Will Mahima came across the truth?

At the beginning of the episode, Rudkraksh was playing with Saranash, and then he told him to change, and after that, we will sleep. Rudkraksh called Preesha and told her that, I am worried about one thing that why he came out and told everyone about the game. Preesha told Saransh is very small, by chance, if he reveals the plan, then there would be no confusion as she has told everyone one thing.

Yuvraj woke up and started telling me that from tomorrow he will not sleep on the floor as he got back lain then he got to know that my one was in the room and suddenly Preesha came out from the dressing room and she was leaving for somewhere. Yuvraj tried to ask her, but he did not reply to him and went off by praying to God.

Mahima came to Rudkraksh room and loudly wished them Good morning, and they got scared. Mahima offered milk to Saranash, but he acted rude suddenly he recalled Preesha plan and then hugged her and went with her to get ready for the online class. Rudkraksh imagined Preesha, and then he called her and made a meet-up plan at her house at 6 pm. Preesha came home and informed Yuvraj that today Rudkraksh would come to spend some time with her, and for that, you have to go to a movie with Gps and Sharadha.

Yuvraj denied going bit Preesha warned him by saying, that she will reveal the plan to Gps they Yuvraj stooped and agreed to her with her plan. Rudkraksh came to Preesha, where Preedha told him that he goes one proof against Mahima. Then She acknowledged Rudkraksh that he went o the police station and requested them to show him his bag in which she found a diary in which there were many names along with Rajeev Khurana name whom Mahima has fooled in her past. Then Rudkraksh told her now we would enjoy this moment.

Mahima brought food for Saranash, but he was missing Preesha and was not ready to eat food. Mahima thought of taking him to Preesha as she also wants to take her stuff from that home. Rukdkrash played a song and performed a couple of dances with her. Mahima arrived with Saranash in a taxi and was moving towards Preesha. Saranac was excited to give a surprise to Preesha. Saransh ring the doorbell, and Preesha got surprised. Preesha opened the door and got shocked to see Mahima and Saranash over there.

Episode end

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