Imlie 23 December 2020 Written Update – Malini’s Mehendi ceremony

The episode starts with Malini requests Imlie to apply Henna on her hand. Malini told Imlie that Imlie is lucky for her. Aparna said everything is sort now, but who apply henna on Aditya’s hand, the kids say that they will apply henna. Aditya agrees. In the kitchen, Imlie is making henna. Aparna told Anu about the gifts. Anu taunts Aparna. Malini’s grandmother said to Anu that she wants to give food to the poor, Anu points Imlie and said feed Imlie, she is also poor.

Imlie came and said, Anu that she will eat because eating omen’s food is a blessing. Malini’s grandmother feeds Imlie, while Shashank mixes some medicines into the drink. Imlie drinks the juice. Everyone leaves. Shashank wants to execute his cunning plan, but Aditya comes and said to Imlie that if she is not well, then why she agrees for applying mehndi.

Imlie becomes unconscious and starts behaving weirdly. Aditya trying to stop Imlie, but Imlie starts talking about their marriage with Aditya. Aditya told Imlie to stop behaving weirdly. Aditya asks Imlie to behave normal, Aditya said that only one day is remaining, so he doesn’t want any drama in the Mehendi ceremony. Aditya asks Imlie to act normal.

Imlie comes to the ceremony unconsciously. Imlie becomes emotional after hearing Malini’s grandmother’s words. Malini’s grandmother told Malini after one day you will become a stranger.Everyone dances. Aditya and Malini dance together, Imlie sees Aditya and Malini dancing together. Malini takes Imlie to the dance floor. imlie is dancing, while Aditya saw Imlie and gets upset.

Imlie is applying henna on Malini’s hand. Aditya notices Imlie that she is behaving weirdly. The kids said that what design should they apply. Kids leave. Aditya knows about the juice in which alcohol is mixed. Aditya refuses to give drinks and asks Sundar to take the juice inside.

Imlie is feeling like vomiting. Imlie vomits, and everyone gives water to her. Anu taunts Aditya’s family, Anu said to Aparna to ask it before, if they can’t afford the beauticians. Aparna asks Imlie that she is fine, Anu said no one can talking about Malini, everyone is talking to Imlie.

Episode end

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