Anupama 24 November 2021 written update. – Baa apologized for her words


At the beginning of the episode, when Kavya removed everyone from the Shah residence, Vanraj decided to take revenge from her. Anupama asked whole family to go inside Shah residence because Vanraj is putting his efforts. After that Anupama sits in Anuj’s car and was going to her house. Suddenly Baapuji stopped Anupama and asked her to give a chance to Anuj because he loves her so much. Baapuji appreciated Anuj in front of Anupama and said they both are made for each other. Anupama get shocked. Suddenly a group of devotees arrived there. Baapuji pray God to give happiness to Anupama.

Baapuji asked Anupama to give space to Anuj in her life. Anupama was in shock and was able to speak nothing. Anuj asked how is she? Anuj tried to motivate Anupama and said she stay calm. Anuj said this is the high time and that’s why Anupama need to think about herself. Anuj asked does she is staying with Shah family or coming with him? Anupama was not in condition to speak something and said yes to Anuj. Anuj and Anupama sits in the car and they went to Anupama’s home. On the other hand, Vanraj saw a dream in which he is treated as a rich celebrity. Vanraj decided to do struggle so as to become famous and popular.

Anuj asked Anupama to take rest and said she should forget everything because they have a special meeting tomorrow. Anuj asked Anupama to come office early and said goodbye to her. Anuj sits in his car and went to his home. On the other hand, Baapuji was sitting on a couch, suddenly Baa arrived there. Baa sits near Baapuji’s feet and apologize in front of him. Baapuji asked Baa to sit on couch and not to worry about anything. Baa asked Baapuji to give punishment to her. Baapuji said Anupama used to handle this house but Baa removed her from the house and Kavya can’t think about anyone. Suddenly Baa fall down.

Samar called Anupama and informed her about Baa. Anupama and Vanraj arrived at Shah residence. Doctor also arrived there and said due to stress Baa’s blood pressure get increased too much. After check-up doctor leaves from there. Everyone was there in the room. Baa said she want to talk to her family and asked Kavya to go out of the room. Kavya said Anupama is outsider and Baa should send her out of the room. Vanraj asked Kavya not to fight with Baa and go out of the room. Baa said she used to do holy activities but now this time she did a crime. Baa apologized in front of everyone.

Upcoming Story: Anupama burn diya in front of God. Kavya shout at Anupama and ask her to stay away from Shah residence. Vanraj says he doesn’t love Kavya anymore.

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