Anupama 3rd April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anupama asking Aadhya not to yell even a little and says Shruti’s condition is extremely terrible. Aadhya asks how did you respond? Anupama says I sat idle, the plane in which Shruti’s folks were coming, crashed. Aadhya is stunned. Anupama holds her hand and requests that she handle herself. Aadhya gets over her hand and faults her for the happenings in their lives. She says since you came, terrible thing is occurring in the house, and says you disdain put your awful sight on us, and says I can’t stand you. She cautions her not to come in the house concocting Shruti’s rationalization, and tells that Anuj and I will deal with her. She asks her not to address her that she is a mother and says you should be mother of many, yet not mine. She inquires as to whether any mother leave their kids. Anupama says I had gone as you both were not content with me, I could do nothing for you, you both were troubled by my relations. Aadhya says I was nothing for you, however pops was a major part of your life, and that is the reason you saved your terrific little girl. Anupama says I saved you three, and asks didn’t you recollect that I requested that you leave vehicle first, yet the entryway was locked. She says I took out pari first, as though I had taken you to the front then the vehicle would have fallen in the valley. She tells that her Kanha ji realize that she never separated among her four kids and says you can loathe me assuming you need. Aadhya says OK, I disdain you and will constantly can’t stand you. Anupama inquires as to for what reason do you ask me generally, why I left you. She says I might have dealt with you at any rate, yet your Father raised finger on my protective love and says I wouldn’t have impacted if all the world say it, however I was unable to bear the allegations which your Dad did. She says I went so your Daddy don’t hold my previous stuff, with the goal that you both can remain cheerfully and so on. Aadhya says you went for our satisfaction why did you return, get out from here. Anuj comes there and requests that she express sorry to her mom. Aadhya rejects and says just Shru is my mom. She heads inside. Anupama requests that Anuj remove care of Shruti and runs from that point. She slams into somebody out and about and afterward stops. She asks Kanha ji for what reason he brings them eye to eye.

Dimpy lets Vanraj know that a little while ago foundation has restarted and says in the event that I go to America, who will deal with it. She says regardless of whether I go, then, at that point, how Kavya will deal with three children and Ansh’s test will begin soon. Baa says she is correct, on the off chance that Ansh doesn’t concentrate on then he will flop in the test. Babu ji lets Vanraj know that assuming he is the top of the family still and tells that he will remain with them and commitment that nothing will occur against his desire. He requests that he go with Leela. Dimpy guarantees that she will do nothing off-base. Vanraj cautions them and says on the off chance that all of you attempt to trick Babu ji. She says Titu’s nautanki will be finished, till we return.

Anupama is working in the kitchen. Yashdeep comes and says 50 individuals request came for Aloo vada. Anupama says I will make it. She attempts to do it quick and the spoon tumbles down. Yashdeep inquires as to whether she is fine. Anupama says OK. He says Beeji was feeling the loss of her. Anupama says I will come to meet her. She requests that KD cleave the onions. She requests that herself handle herself.

Aadhya attempts to assuage Shruti. Anuj requests that Shruti be more grounded and tells that life some of the time tests us, and tells that they need to go to India for Uncle-Aunt’s last freedoms. Shruti and Aadhya cry resoundingly.

The neighbors come to Baa and give her stuff to be taken for their family members. Kavya says such a lot of stuff isn’t permitted. Baa says Vanraj will deal with everything. Babu ji says Vanraj had purchased the ticket and not all the flight. Baa says I saw that courageous woman convey such a lot of stuff. Kavya says cash must be paid to take the additional gear. The neighbors contend. Then the neighbors request that Baa take Dimpy alongside her else she will accomplish something wrong. Different says that Titu wanders to a great extent and says home was home because of Anupama. Baa says when I meet Anupama, then, at that point, I will. Babu ji asks her not to tell anything to Anupama.

Anupama embraces Beeji and cries and says why family members give us such a lot of torment, I went far away, however they came infront of me. She says my little girl believes that I don’t need her bliss, I’m behind her and says on the off chance that I had realized that they are here, I could never have come here, and afterward likewise Choti feels that I need to divide them. She says I asked nothing from anybody, and have asked Kanha ji for other people. She says she loathes me, alright, I had made her extremely upset, so how to make her heart fine. She expresses how to associate her messed up heart. Beeji says a mother can’t join the messed up heart and requests that she recollect that she has performed her responsibility well of a mother. She says life didn’t abandon you, and requests that she continue on. She says you will get 100’s motivations to cry, and requests that she fail to remember all that and continue on. Anupama says I will continue on and focus on the front.

Anuj drops Shruti to the air terminal and says somebody will come to get them from the air terminal. He says I will accompany you, and my staff can dealt with the occasion. Shruti says she will figure out how to remain alone, and will deal with Aadhya. Aadhya requests that Anuj deal with himself and spotlight on himself. She requests that he recall that Shru is their loved ones. Aadhya and Shruti go inside the air terminal.

Yashdeep asks Anupama what is she thinking? Anupama says I’m doing whatever it takes not to think anything and simply take care of business and need to make such a delicious food if individuals discuss our café. He says assuming that she is anxious? Anupama says no, you are with me. Yashdeep says I’m prepared to remain with you everlastingly, I mean help you. She thinks about Diya’s words.

Anupama remembers to keep masalas prepared. Kinjal offers assistance and requests that she express what to do. Anupama requests that she put it in the crate. Toshu comes there chatting on the telephone. Kinjal says I’m seeing him working after numerous years, and says I’m terrified, and trusts that he will change sometime in the not so distant future. Anupama considers Shruti and Aadhya.

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