Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Dhara educating everybody concerning Shivank. She requested that Gautam support her. Gautam is intoxicated and sings. Shivank requests that she gain from Gautam. He says let him know that I m going to document a case on them. She stops him. He asks what’s unique in me that you are halting me. She says I don’t have cash. He says I know, give me from the joint ledger, I additionally have the offer in the Pandya store, you think and tell me. She proceeds to get the really look at book. He says Shweta said Dhara is exceptionally astute, yet she concurred effectively, did I request less cash. He hears Gautam calling his siblings and singing. Shivank feels sorry for him and jokes.

Dhara says there are 21 lakhs in the record. Shivank gets cheerful. She requests the papers. He gives her the paper. She requests his telephone. He says thanks to her and leaves. Gautam inquires as to for what reason did you provide for him. She says Shivank… . He gets sluggish. FB closes. Suman says my sibling deceived me first and afterward his child, for what reason didn’t you tell me, for what reason do you generally take the choice alone. Gautam says its not her slip-up, my drinking has demolished everything. Prerna says papers can be phony moreover. Dhara says I had no solidarity to think and comprehend, I was distant from everyone else, Gautam’s condition was deteriorating, Chiku used to find him and bring him home, my kids ventured out from home, Suman additionally remained stressed, I was unable to deal with things alone.

Dev says he had utilized your shortcoming, I won’t leave him. He requests that Gautam come. They leave. Rishita searches for Natasha. She sees Natasha marking the signature for her fans. She requests a signature. Natasha asks her not to cry. She says my fans came to meet me, we famous people need to engage the fans. Rishita says OK, come. Shivank watches a film. Dev and Gautam come. He reprimands Shivank. Shivank asks what occurred. Gautam and Dev beat Shivank. Shivank shouts and runs. Shiva sees him. Dev requests that Shiva stop Shivank. Shivank takes lift from somebody and runs. Shiva, Dev and Gautam follow him. Shiva gets Shivank and asks how did you manage my siblings. He beats him. Shivank says I sat idle. Shiva asks when did you come from Ahmedabad. Dev says I have come today. They talk and slap Shivank. Shivank asks how did I respond, tell me. Gautam says bring him back home. Shiva asks how did he respond. Gautam says we will tell you. Suman flies off the handle on Shivank. They get Shivank home. Shivank says tell me, how did I respond. Dhara says you used to coerce me, I told the family, you showed organization in the store and took 21 lakhs from me. Shivank apologizes. He says don’t fault me, don’t lie. She says I have the evidence, I have still kept that paper with me. He asks which paper, I requested no cash. He swears and says I asked no cash.

He begins acting. Dhara says he coerced me that day additionally, so I had permitted him to take the power association. He asks her not to separate him by her untruths. She says stand by, I will get the papers and show you. She looks for the papers. She gets the papers and shows it to Dev. She says he gave me these papers and took the cash from me. Dev checks.

He says the stamp on this paper is phony. Shiva says he has done misrepresentation. Shivank says I didn’t take cash. He misleads them. He says Dhara did this to approach me and utilized the cash herself. She gets stunned.

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