Teri Meri Dooriyan 3rd April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Manveer takes steps to leave Brar chateau everlastingly assuming that Angad goes to Sahiba’s parental house. Sahiba requests that Angad let it go as she would rather not put Manveer in a horrible mood. Angad says he guaranteed her that he will take her to her parental house and will stay faithful to his commitment. Manveer breakdowns. Family races to her and proposition her water. Jasleen insults Manveer to acknowledge that a mother needs to handover her child to her DIL one day, her opportunity has arrived now. Manveer separates. Angad thinks his mamma is in a tough situation due to Sahiba, he will rebuff her once he figures out Seerat’s area.

Santosh gets ready space for Angad and Sahiba’s visit and requests that Keerat stay this evening at her room. Keerat asks her not to stress. Santosh tracks down Seerat’s cosmetics things, reviews her selling out, and indignantly leaves to toss everything out. Ajith stops her and asks where is she going. Santosh says she doens’t need anything connected with Seerat at her home. Ajith controls her and requests that she focus on inviting Angad and Sahiba.

Sahiba and Angad arrive at Ajith’s region. Driver stops vehicle saying vehicle can’t go through n bolt path. Angad says they can walk and escapes his vehicle. Sequential’s title track plays behind the scenes. Angad goes through slender paths with Sahiba bearing a heaps of hardships. Neighbors examine that Sahiba has accompanied Angad for her paghphera custom, the two of them look so charming together. They arrive at Ajith’s home. Ajith and Keerat open entryway. Keerat joyfully embraces Sahiba. Ajith welcomes Angad and invites him. Angad impolitely gestures head. Taiji performs welcome custom. Ajith asks Sahiba how is she and on the off chance that Brars treat her well. Santosh conceals in a room and watches them inwardly. Angad goes about as picking a call and looks for Seerat. He thinks both Seerat and Santosh are stowing away, he wants to track down them.

Seerat keeps on strolling on road. Garry calls her. Seerat vents out her annoyance on him and takes steps to get back to her folks and illuminate them how Garry tricked her with his glossed over words and caused her to abscond from her wedding. Garry gets strained and says he can’t escape house as Sahiba has left her government agents on him, she is thoroughly controlling Angad now and has contacted her parental house for paghera custom, Seerat will be shipped off prison on the off chance that she goes there. Jasleen strolls in and asks whom he is conversing with. He says nobody. Seerat figures she will get back to her parental housenad stand up to Sahiba for contriving against her. Angad feels awkward at Sahiba’s home. Sahiba turns fan towards him and says he doesn’t need to bear challenges for her, so he can pursue some time; she’s grateful to him for tenderizing him here, and so on. Angad figures he won’t extra her once he finds Seerat and causes her to uncover truth.